CGM Review: Bloodborne

Fear not fellow hunters, Bloodborne is everything you’ve been looking forward to and more. The team at From Software have taken the lessons learned from prior games and crafted something that takes the best elements from previous entries and scraps everything that didn’t work.

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tinynuggins1522d ago

Awesome scores so far! Congrats to From Software and Sony!

Themba761522d ago

ok which one this or ori and the blind forest if you could pick one

bmwfanatic1522d ago

Ori not even in the same league as bloodborne.

DonFreezer1521d ago

Are you that delusional sony fanboys? Ori has nothing to do with Bloodborne how can you compare the two?

Snookies121522d ago

Uh, Bloodborne man... Ori is a beautiful game, but come on... You can't compare something like that to a huge AAA title with 40-60 hours of content.

Themba761522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

the reason why i picked ori is because they are averaging around the same reviews. don't worry im overjoyed for bloodborne gettin my copy tomorrow just tired of these xbox guys hyping up ori because of the scores.