Bloodborne long load times will be addressed in the next patch

With Bloodborne launching in several hours, one of the things we noticed when playing the game is the long load times whenever a character respawns or upon starting the game.

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DarkOcelet1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

I can see right now that many sites will B**ch about the loading times in their reviews. This game should not be judged on its loading times especially when the devs will look into improving it.

MacDonagh1518d ago

It's bad practice in my view to release a game if it's got issues.

I hope that it doesn't have anything more serious than 40 second load times like frame dips or glitches.

I don't like seeing games being released in a bad state like Ass Creed:Unity. Greatly dislike the franchise but the amount of detail that the level designers put into Paris is something to behold.

DarkOcelet1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

Unity looked stunning when it was patched and all but most reviewers didnt even mention the issues nor did they mention the framerate in DAInquisition when it was first released.

Bathyj1518d ago

While I dont like completely broken games getting released because they know it can be patched later, in all fairness, if we only got games with no issues, we wouldnt have any games.

All games have some issues. 100% of games are not perfect.

freshslicepizza1518d ago

odd that they know about the long load times and plan to fix it but want to release it anyway. does that mean they didn't know about it until it was too late?

that's not really fair to those who don't have their ps4's connected but i guess that's the way things are now.

Septic1518d ago

"odd that they know about the long load times and plan to fix it but want to release it anyway"

It would be silly to delay theg ame imo just because of an issue like that.

Yeah long loading times for respawns, particularly in a game where you will die a lot is silly but to delay the whole game? That would fudge them up.

Also, the reviews have made it clear that it isn't that bad an issue to affect the overall enjoyment of the game.

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Genova841518d ago

I agree this isn't a big deal. At the end of the day, I don't care what the review scores say. If the game is fun, it's worth the wait! This game was the only reason I initially decided to buy a ps4. I can't picture it not being awesome!

deadfrag1517d ago

Im playing the game and the load times are bad but i can handle them,what i cant handle is the horrible FRAME-PACING problem that makes this game run sluggish,not smooth .....From needs to fix this problem fast!

TheJacksonRGN1518d ago

Well they shouldn't go on rants about it but long load times are annoying.

GribbleGrunger1518d ago

It's getting 9s and 10s all over the board folks! We have a classic on our hands here.

Imalwaysright1518d ago

Reviewers have to review games based on the experience they are going to have with the copy of the game that will be sent to them. If reviewers feel that Bloodborne's loading times are detrimental to the overall experience they have to address them in their reviews.

LAWSON721518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )


Just because a game is great does not mean technical problems should just be ignored especially if they take away from the overall experience. Sadly this happens all the time and only every once and a while are technical problems actually acknowledged by reviewers.

TheCommentator1518d ago

It just sucks that companies trend more towards releasing games before they're ready. It affects day one gameplay and review scores, and sometimes games can't be properly fixed for longer than expected.

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Rimeskeem1518d ago

I hope sites don't take off anymore than half a point for the loading times. It shouldn't be a big game breaker or anything.

DarkOcelet1518d ago

They shouldnt take any points off. They didnt take any points off for Unity nor did they take for Dragon Age Inquisition horrible frame rate at first on PC.

izumo_lee1518d ago

This IS a PS exclusive so you may never know. If a game like Ratchet & Clank got complaints for having too much variety in a review anything is possible unfortunately.

What i don't want to see from reviews for this game is the constant comparison to Dark Souls and undercut Bloodborne when it is an entirely different game.

ziggurcat1518d ago

one review already took points off for the loading time:

Jalva1518d ago

I don't mind waiting in between deaths, I am a PlayStation gamer after all, I'm no stranger to waiting.

Jalva1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

Just being honest.

C'mon Sony, where is The Getaway 3? It's been 10 years now since you announced it...


I'm not even trolling though.

Outside_ofthe_Box1518d ago

I'll never understand why people make accounts for the sole purpose of trolling. The console war is not that serious.

fallacious1518d ago

you're not even a gamer at all.

MasterCornholio1518d ago

A month ago we had a AAA exclusive called The Order 1886 and a month later we get this masterpiece called Bloodborne. If anything PS4 owners are used to NOT waiting for AAA games. And soon we will get Ratchett and Clank plus Until Dawn. Gaming droughts are not an issue for PS4 owners.

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JMaine5181518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

That's good to know. Haven't heard of it being a game breaker just something that's annoying

crazychris41241518d ago

Are they talking about the day 1 patch or is this another patch? They said day 1 patch would help with the loading times so maybe day 1 is a quick fix while patch 2 would be a much better solution to the problem. Yes 40 second load times is a problem, cant stand it in gta 5

izumo_lee1518d ago

Yeah it was annoying in GTA5 but the reviews never made it a big issue. The fear is that it may be a big factor if Bloodborne gets flac for it when other games like GTA5 did not.

If it does than that would be a problem with the double standards in game reviews. If reviews mention it but don't make it a factor in their overall score than that would be ok. We'll see.

krypt19831518d ago

gta is different though it loads a hugh open world with thousands of cars/people on the screen, bloodborn is diff stop making excuse for the game already im sure it will get get reviews, you guys are pathetic.

Bathyj1518d ago


Im sorry, I thought the topic was how long it took to load, not how big the world is it was loading.

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