Battlefield 4's new 60Hz server update rate is showing great improvement

The latest improvement might be a big boost to the netcode for Battlefield 4.

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Mr-Zex1522d ago

I'm not sure how much this will still improve BF4 for console players, all this does is allow people with higher framerates to send specific hertz of updates based on their fps, however consoles at least for last gen are capped at 30fps, so what improvement will that see?

Articuno761522d ago

BF4 runs at 60 on the PS4...

Mr-Zex1521d ago

"Consoles at least for last gen"

PS3 and 360 still get the shaft.

LordDhampire1522d ago

Didn't read article, just saw net code.

I love battlefield games but BF4 net code on pc and ps4 were so attrocious that I am sworn off BF series until they can prove they deserve my money. Hardline hasn't impressed.

RB six will be next shooter to get my money

D3TH_D33LR1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )


Both games run fine now.

LordDhampire1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

Taking months to fix a game might be fine to you, not me

and Im not going to pretend like it didn't happen

D3TH_D33LR1516d ago

Costs a lot less now then it used to but trust I couldn't care less.