4 PS2-era Series Sony Should Resurrect On The PS4

Sparked by an intriguing and recent rumor, have a look what 4 PS2-era games our writer thinks Sony should resurrect on the Playstation 4.

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yuukiliu1309d ago

Crash was a ps1 series.

OddChild1309d ago

True, Crash Bandicoot was, but the series continued into the PS2 era which is why it was included as 1 of the 4 :)

Becuzisaid1309d ago

The crash series was over for most after CTR.

Jaqen_Hghar1309d ago

A man hopes they're not like the PS2 ones though if it comes back. Those were the reason Crash declined in popularity. Naughty Dog or Sanzaru a man wouldn't mind handling it or another past proven platformer dev from Sony. Crash 3 is the pinnacle of platforming on PS1 and deserves a true sequel.

WeAreLegion1309d ago

Actually, the Crash series was over for most after Crash Bash. ;)

TWB1308d ago


I still moderately enjoyed Twinsanity. Could have been pretty awesome if it was not rushed, but actually finished game (they cut like... half of the game and it lacked some polish)

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DarkOcelet1309d ago

Two Words: Dark Cloud.

Please Level 5, please make Dark Cloud 3.

Bhuahahaha1309d ago

shadow of colossus 2 would be nice
imagine this gen's open world beauty and an epic battles

Jaqen_Hghar1309d ago

Well the story is kinda concluded but make a similar game a la Bloodborne being a sequel to Demon's Souls and a man is in.

TWB1308d ago

I think that a complete remake/overhaul would work nicely but a sequel? Hell no.

SotC could already be considered a prequel to Ico (but the stories are like, at least a 1000 years apart. They are only in the same universe) and The Last Guardian is probably going to fit there somewhere. I think that there shouldnt be any direct sequels in the mix. I just want a perfect "trilogy"

Bhuahahaha1308d ago (Edited 1308d ago )

when i say SC2 it doesn't mean it has to be a direct sequel >.< lol

final fantasy 1-15
breath of fire 3 and 4
disgaea 2 3 4 5
heck even call of duty

TWB1306d ago

Thats would obviously be more direct sequel than the already existing sequel, Ico.

It just doesnt fit... It seems that their idea of "continuing the series" means adding more lore to the Ico/SotC/TLG universe via new games. Revisiting previously shown games/areas would be almost unholy.

Besides, how can they even add to the first SotC? Idols were destroyed, the land was "cleansed" and the enter/exit was destroyed. We know something happened afterwards because Ico happened in after SotC (and their stories/lore are somehow related)

A prequel to the first SotC? Can you somehow mold the story so that it doesnt change anything in the first SotC?

If it would be a direct sequel (like I described earlier) can you mold it to fit inbetween SotC and Ico without changing their universe and still house a possible continuation that TLG may provide?

As I said, a direct sequel wouldn't work without upsetting the huge fans of Ico/SotC lore.

Making a sequel like that and keeping it fresh and new is extremely difficult, if not impossible.

A remake with new feel, graphics and an addition of removed colossi would make up for the sequel.

wakeNbake1309d ago

Jak 4 would be amazing. I know naughty dog is too "mature" now to do it but it would be great if Sony handed the IP to another studio.

Jaqen_Hghar1309d ago

It's a shame about Naughty Dog not wanting to do that any more. They're one of the few devs that a man trusts to make 3d platformers and now they won't. Nintendo, Insomniac, Sanzaru, Suckerpunch (they don't anymore either), and Naughty Dog were the only truly great ones at that.

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