PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne's Awesome 1080p Screenshots Will Ease the Wait During Your Last Few Hours

There are only a few hours more to wait until the release of Bloodborne in North America, and more and more copies continue appearing in the wild, resulting in quite the flood of screenshots appearing on social media.

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Sincere01212215d ago ShowReplies(2)
Greyfoxdbz2215d ago

Best screenshots yet. shame i have to wait until the 27th.

rajman2215d ago

UK gets games last as usual

Immorals2215d ago

Us in the UK pay more for a later release!

Perjoss2215d ago

There used to be a few small shops dotted around London that if you were a regular there they would happily sell you games quite a few days early. Not sure if there's any left though, the ones I used to go to have closed down.

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wakeNbake2215d ago

No midnight launch in Miami wtf? Now I have to wait to for the lazy ass gamestop employees to open up at 10am.

Transporter472215d ago

Same here. They said no midnight release either. I'm from CA

Lennoxb632215d ago

I thought midnight launches only occur when proven franchises launch. Not that Bloodbourne doesn't deserve it. But I can see games like Uncharted 4 getting a midnight release. Or even GT7.

Transporter472215d ago

The Order 1886 go one. I don't understand why Bloodborne wouldn't. I actually found this extremely annoying because I already paid for it. What else are gamestops good for if you can't even pickup the game at midnight. I think this is the last time I will preorder anything from gamestop. The entire purpose of me preordering there was to to pick up the game tonight. I hate them.

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OUROSMAG2215d ago

Should of bought it digitally I get it at 11 p.m.

Transporter472215d ago

Can't have collectors edition digitally.

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LightDiego2215d ago

I've received the game today, soon i will play this masterpiece, can't wait.