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Analog Addiction: "Let’s all be honest for a moment: when you had first seen Triad Wars, you had thought it’s simply the missing multiplayer component of Sleeping Dogs; a way to cash-in on Square Enix’s decision to save the True Crime franchise (although the publisher didn’t purchase the actual intellectual property, opting instead to create a new one; hence, Sleeping Dogs), instead of working on a sequel. By the way, developer United Front Games and Square: people are still waiting for that tantalizing “Sleeping Dogs 2.” While I’ve only experienced a few hours of the game’s closed beta (there’s not much to do, at the moment), I’m pleased to tell you Triad Wars has a lot of potential."

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Yi-Long2134d ago

... I was quite disappointed with it's depiction in Sleeping Dogs.

They basically only had Hong Kong Island in SD, and not a very faithful representation of Hong kong Island either, sadly.

I truly hope that with this next game, they can do Hong Kong justice and include many more locations, like Lantau Island and Kowloon and the New Territories, instead of ignoring them.

Captain_Mushroom2134d ago

I think, unfortunately, that Triad Wars' map is the same as Sleeping Dogs'. Maybe in the sequel? Most likely.

crazychris41242134d ago

its just a multiplayer only sleeping dogs, not a sequel