Top 10 Features We Want In The Nintendo NX

With the Wii U still fresh in mind, we take a look at how the Nintendo NX can be the console we need from the Big N.

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BlakeA1363d ago

If Nintendo seriously makes me buy Breath of Fire 2 a third time on Virtual Console, I will be unhappy.

R00bot1363d ago

"makes me"
Implying you aren't buying it voluntarily.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1363d ago

blah blah how about wait til next year for first details before wishing for stuff
impatient humans

Ck1x1363d ago

Everyone is doing all of this ranting for no reason and I guarantee you that NX is their next handheld! Because Nintendo knows that the handheld area is their space, they use their new machines in that area to get the market interested in what they are doing next for their home consoles. This has been a pretty consistent pattern of theirs for quite some time now.

DualWielding1363d ago

here are the essential features I need in order to consider their console

Third party support
Account system
Region Free Gaming
Traditional controllers without annoying gimmicks

Ck1x1363d ago

I guarantee you that if and when Sony includes a screen of some kind in the controller of the PS5. That fan base will praising how revolutionary this will be to gaming! I promise you this is going to happen. That touch pad was just a half hearted idea towards that.

DualWielding1363d ago

the difference is that the touchpad is easy enough to ignore...... it doesn't do anything groundbreaking but also doesn't screw at all with the control basic functionality..... the Wii-mote was basically useless for games more complex than wii sports... the Gamepad is not as bad but still makes the controller too big, ruins battery life, and more importantly, significantly increases console price without adding much value for people who do not care about off-screen play

Spookshow1362d ago

So basically another clone console to the twins (PS4, XBONE), with the only thing differentiating them being their exclusives?

I really don't get why consumers would like all consoles to do the same thing and play the same games when we all benefit from having multiple options.

I hope Nintendo keeps differentiating themselves from the competition and making awesome and fun games.

Dizzydrifter11363d ago

are games considered a Feature?

1363d ago
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