PS3 didn't create any fire

A few days ago, a blogger named Netnoob claimed that a PS3 left on overnight caused his house to burn down. Well, after a nasty call from Sony, Netnoob has come forth and confessed the whole thing was a scam. The PS3 never burned down his house, not that it could have in the first place, because Noob doesn't own a PS3, let alone a house to burn down.

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Capt CHAOS4338d ago

As much as I like by 360, I'm too fed up with all the negative press about the PS3. Fcking crazy the lies people dream up..

whateva4338d ago

will stop at nothing to bring down the king sony

EnforcerOfTheTruth4338d ago

I already witnessed many pathetic MS fanboys here but this buddy beats them all. Our multi account buddy must feel angry somebody is stealing him the show lol

MoonDust4338d ago

These people don't have a life! If you like the Wii enjoy it, if you like the 360 enjoy it, if you like the ps3 enjoy it. No need to go around trying to put other people down to feel better about console.

NubreedLive4338d ago

these fanboys are getting out of hand... whats next?? certain fanboys bombing sony buildings?

marionz4338d ago

because at this rate they will have to sell their own buildings just to recover the cost of the ps3

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