GameSpy: FIFA Soccer 09 All-Play

GameSpy writes: "With EA's "All-Play" initiative, it's really driving home the fact that it wants to make its titles as accessible as possible. Whether it's tweaking the gameplay to better suit the Wii control scheme or just using big, friendly visuals that are easier to keep track of, it's slowly becoming apparent that EA's onto something. With FIFA Soccer 09 All-Play, even though it's a casual game, EA isn't really focused on creating something for the kids. Rather, EA is focused on making something fun, and from what we saw, the game is just that. In fact, we were fairly impressed.

The developers are focused on making things simple, so the first thing you'll notice with the All-Play control scheme is that the controls have been reduced to two buttons, allowing most anyone to play. Almost everything will be automated, which will leave you free to worry only about passing and shooting. However, if this isn't your cup of tea and you were hoping for a little more control, you'll still be able to control exactly where your character is running by pointing at the screen. When you do this, this will bring up an arrow that shows your running path, and also let you kick the ball precisely to where you want it. This arrow will show the flight path of the ball, so there's some great precision when rushing and passing up the pitch, and this level of precision is found in no other version, making it a rather slick bonus."

-Solid controls
-Very intuitive
-New "All-Play" focus helps widen its appeal

-Very gimmicky visuals;
-We've yet to see how well the online is implemented

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