Top 10 Most Controversial Scenes In Games

"Video games are largely free of controversy--you won't find any in Pokemon or Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate by a long shot--but there are a number of games that inspire negative reactions."

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techrave3354d ago

The one with Trevor is hilarious.

wakeNbake3354d ago

The airport scene in Modern Warfare 2 was fun in a messed up way.

john4163354d ago

The fact that people get offended by video games makes me laugh. Its not real life it is a VIDEO game just cause i shoot someone in a video game doesn't mean I'm going to do it in real life.

Dasteru3354d ago

The fact that people get offended by anything makes me laugh. Offense should be classified as a mental illness.

MWH3354d ago (Edited 3354d ago )

people are entitled to express their thoughts and feelings toward any type of media, it's a natural human reaction whether it appeals to you or not. laughing at a completely normal and healthy human feeling is the real mental illness.

remixx1163354d ago

I hope this statement of yours was sarcasm, if not then where the hell did you get 5 bubbles.

Pogmathoin3354d ago

Normal people know the difference, and we all suffer for the few who are offended by things do not affect them regardless....

Dasteru3353d ago (Edited 3353d ago )

@segamon & remixx116:

Taking offence to something that wasn't aimed at them and had nothing to do with them is a mental illness. It is like someone complaining that some random dude down the road bought an expensive new car. You're probably one of those people who thinks self identification is normal also?

BTW, i self identify as a tortoise in case you were wondering.


I got 5 bubbles through rational and logical thinking rather than caving to so called political correctness. It may seem strange to you, but there are still a few people with the intelligence and common sense to appreciate reality.

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Freeball3354d ago

Movies aren't real life, but people are certainly offended by those. What's the difference if it's CG or real people doing the acting? It's all make believe, but the motivations or meaning of what is being depicted are real, so I don't see your point at all.

Zodiac3354d ago

They don't have a point.

3353d ago
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PS Plus Is Losing 12 Games In June 2024 Along With A Major Rockstar Release

Subscribers of the Extra and Premium tiers of PS Plus will lose access to a total of 12 games during the month of June, 2024.

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gold_drake5d ago

i think the only real loss is GTAV

OtterX5d ago

I think everyone and their sister owns the game by now. They likely want to squeeze the rest of the holdouts before GTAVI releases.

gold_drake4d ago

i didnt.
so not everyone.