No Halo or Alan Wake at E3 Press Conference

"Despite massive rumors and leaks, there was no mention, appearance, or anything that was remotely Bungie at Microsoft's E3 2008 Press Conference. No Halo: Chronicles, no Halo "Blue", no Bungie. While Final Fantasy XII made a huge splash, seeing a Microsoft Press Conference go by without any mention of Halo is odd. Will we see anything from Bungie in the upcoming keynotes? Don't bet money on it though, they would have announced it already."

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roflcopterattack3965d ago

Halo? Who cares? We got Gears 2, a new dashboard and 4 Square titles.

Bungie can stay discreet for all I care.

chaosatom3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

Having FFX13 go mulitplatform, is not going make halo playing guys, just not care about halo anymore.

I think FFX13 covered a lot of damage for microsoft for not having any halo or alan wake footage.

Dark_Vendetta3965d ago

bungie will make an annoucement on Wednesday (there is a restricted area with a countdown on their homepage)

cito35th3965d ago

haha... what you talking about 360 still have pinatas!
basically gears2 is the only game

tomorrow's ps con. is going to be very interesting, even with just showing god of war....also HOME, killzone2, little big planet, socom... hmm cant wait

btw i do like the new 360 interface.

n00bFRAGGER3965d ago


solidt123965d ago

Alan Wake and Gears 2 was the only games I was looking forward too. Fable 2 did look impressive finally and the game show thing will be cool if you can really win prizes.

QueefyB3965d ago

hahaha alan wake is vaporware

QueefyB3965d ago

i thought halo 4 was going to be announced today wow microsoft that was a very poor show no new exclusive games

QueefyB3965d ago

i think they heard about sonys amazing showing tomorrow so they decided to cancel halo 4 altogether

LuHawk3965d ago

Microsoft just b!tched slapped your ass iwth FFXIII on the 360 ha ha ha Queefy B!tch

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xg-ei8ht3965d ago

Has alan wake been in development since time began.

I remember seeing video, screenshots so long ago, and it looked good.

Maybe they ran short on idea's or cash.

BigKev453965d ago

New Halo will be shown on Tuesday to steal Sony & Nintendo's thunder.

Superfragilistic3965d ago

I kind of agree. Just look at the Bungie website with its countdown and it looks like MS is planning a couple of announcements immediately after the Sony/Ninty conferences.

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The story is too old to be commented.