Editorial: Tell Me I Can Finally Lose The 360 Dashboard… wrote this in response to the recently unveiled revamp for the 360 dasboard.

From the editorial: "I just sat through G4's live stream of the Microsoft press conference and first of all… gg Microsoft! Holy crap what an unexpectedly impressive showing. Despite all the crap you've put me through as a customer, I feel the pull… I feel the draw… I was genuinely excited at a lot of stuff I saw. One thing stood out (and still needs a bit of clarification), but is it true? Are we going to see the end of the (in my opinion) God awful dashboard interface?!?! Oh please be true. I don't care if it ends up looking like the offspring of a Leisure Suit Larry/Hoyle Card games avatar convention meets Windows Vista's Flip 3D Window changer."

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Monchichi0253961d ago

I actually like the Dashboard. It's nice and simple. Stop complaining so much!lol

JSA-Gamer3961d ago

the author likes the update.... READ THE ARTICLE.

Kyur4ThePain3961d ago

Don't tell other people to read articles unless you read and understand their posts.

On Topic:
Anything would be an improvement on what exists now.

ZASKARK1233961d ago

remember the orignal xbox dashboard, if you waited 5 minites on the menu without clicking anything a wierd voice starts talking(very scary at night)