Microsoft ups the plagarism ante with You're In The Movies and LIPS wrote about the lastest E3 2008 news: "Fresh from the Microsoft E3 conference (since I've got a video going now rather than relying on liveblogging) comes news of more "borrowing" of ideas, since Microsoft have only just announced they're adding Mi-sorry, avatars to the next edition of the Xbox 360 system software. This time, we've got crazy flailing in front of a camera that's then inserted into the game..where's that come from?

A tad more after the jump."

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QueefyB3967d ago

i thought i was the only one who noticed how much they have copied from sony and nintendo lol they are so desperate

Torch3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

Oh, weren't the only one.

I actually caught myself shaking my head at their pathetic lack of innovation repeatedly.

On a number of occasions, I sat there wondering whether some Sony or Nintendo lawyer was commencing the phone calls for the inevitable slew of impending lawsuits.

QueefyB3967d ago

i think it is nintendo that will sue them first

Torch3967d ago

I don't know if you're joking, but that may very well be a reality.

QueefyB3967d ago

actually i was serious i believe the moment microsoft release the full details and patents are available to the public regarding the mii ripoff i think nintendo lawyers will have a fork and knife ready to attack sony might just laugh at microsoft because it is clear there new xbox live system will be a huge failure

QueefyB3967d ago

and then microsoft will have to surrender the console war

tojfs79313967d ago

FINAL FANTASY XIII- enough said.

LevDog3967d ago


Yes you guys get FF13... But FF versus is still PS3 exclusive.. So if you really want the full FF13 experience you get the Ps3 version.. So people that own both consoles will still buy the PS3 and people who dont own any console who want the full FF13 they will buy a PS3.. so yes its a win for 360 but only for the already installed fan base

chasuk083967d ago

Your acting like FF13 is 360 exclusive, lets face the facts that its not. And PS3 still has 1 more final fantasy than the 360 so enough said!

AngryHippo3967d ago have to be the most negative person who ever walked the earth. Please everyone knows you hate microsoft, you dislike everything about them so........SO WHY ARE YOU IN EVERY 360 THREAD? Just STFU and F#ck off.

@ Torch - Everyone copies everyone, its business, get over it. Achievements - 'Trophies' or didn't that just happen?!

GiantEnemyCrab3967d ago

Preach on! Nothing but a bunch of asshurt fvckin retarded F I S H H E A D S!

It's funny how MS has been getting ripped off by PSN since FW 2.4 and suddenly MS is the one lacking in imagination. Screw Sarcastic Gamer and their anti-360 rants that try and walk the line of slapping them in the face and giving them a pat on the back. Anything for the hits!

Obama3966d ago

Well, crab, MS did innovate rrod. I have to give them props for that.

Tmac3967d ago

But, but but but Microsoft is so innovative!

No. Just like the original OS, and just like computers they take idea's and say they did them first.

gaffyh3967d ago

I've gotta admit, Gears 2 and Resident Evil 5 were teh only games that looked really great to me. But You're going to the Movies, looked like the biggest piece of sh*t ever, and LIPS seriously is a crappy version of Singstar.

Monchichi0253967d ago

Can we Say "Trophies." LOL Sony has pretty much copied X-Box Live from the ground up. The internal Hard-drive. Yea MS came out with that first!

Point is everyone copies everyone else so don't give me this BS that only MS copies cuz they ALL DO!!!

Overr8ed3967d ago

Microsoft is Innovation comes with the ways they steal other ideas.

Tmac3967d ago

No, they really don't trophies was one aspect and then added heavily on to the idea in theory they did copy it, however the blatant disrespect shown at E3 is undeniable, well except maybe for you.

gaffyh3967d ago

Lol @Monchichi - I'll give you trophies but internal hard drives? You know the PS2 had an internal HDD expansion slot from launch right?

Monchichi0253967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

Your fanboyish thoughts are evident thru your denial. LOL

Even with the updates, Live is still head and shoulders above the PSN. Even your fellow Sonyfans have acknowledged that all over this site, so your view has no merit.

@ Above....Your joking right! LOL An INTERNAL HDD EXPANSION SLOT! Right??? And how many people had that?? LOL Just like Sony has the "Interface for online with the PS2 right?" LMAO

Seriously, MS had all this standard for everyone and brought it to the masses. If it wasn't for MS you would still be playing solo campaigns and be saving them to memory cards! I'm OUT!!

Tmac3967d ago

Ya I hope you got all that stupid out of your system.

littletad3966d ago

Give me a break, Sony has copied everything under the sun. From analog to rumble from Nintendo, to trying an imitation of Live which is PSN. But if I want to be extremely honest, everyone imitates everyone to an extent. Any other mindless rants and quotes?

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