Playstation 3 not helping Blu-ray?

After months of delay, the Playstation 3 finally hit the US on November 17th. The gaming console has long been known as Sony's secret weapon in the HD format war: Their Trojan Horse to get a blu-ray player into every home. However, it now looks as if also this launch from Sony is not having the impact they had hoped for. Many analysts claim that they were only able to ship 150,000 - 250,000 of the more than 400,000 promised units. These sold out quickly, but many units were bought with reselling at a high price in mind and not for gaming or movie use.

Sony sold the idea of Blu-ray to many studios with Playstation 3 as their biggest argument for supporting their format and not HD-DVD. Fox among others have said that the PS3 was one of the main reasons for their Blu-ray support.

So, here two weeks after launch, is the PS3 affecting sales? Read on to find out..

JasonPC360PS3Wii6382d ago

Blu-Ray may have ruined the PS3, they should have just left it out.

Islandkiwi6382d ago

The bottom line is that there are still no ps3's on the market...so how is that supposed to bolster blu-ray sales?

That being said, I'd take the Batman hd-dvd over the Xmen blu-ray any day of the week.

Marriot VP6381d ago

good point, I didn't immediately think about it. Yah there isn't even 400K PS3's out yet.

marcusfenix6381d ago

Can help Blu-Ray, it was doomed before it was ever revealed. HD-DVD for the win! HD-DVD sells 3-5 times more hardware and movies than poo-ray. BetaMax 3 baby with the exclusive celleron processor specifically designed to run linux like last generation processors.

bambam19016381d ago

Shouldn't you be doing your math homework, kid?

PS360PCROCKS6381d ago

Um the article states that the Blu-ray top 3 has sold 5,000 copies and the HD-dvd around 1400, so I am confused? and um it's been two weeks, not exactly time to claim a winner, hell if that was the case the 360 beat the ps3 by December 1st 2005...come on guys what a lame article this is

eques judicii6381d ago

not sales figures... the number is the rank of sales... "1" being the highest rank...

GamerX26381d ago (Edited 6381d ago )

Hd-dvd is starting to gain some momentum!! It already has the lead in sales right now , and with 8 million xbox 360 in people homes as we speak!! If only half of them decides to support hd-dvd player add on and start buying movies, It could be a dangerous situation for sony