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Ace Combat Horizon Legacy+ is an enhanced version of Ace Combat Horizon Legacy that adds C stick support for rotating the camera and amiibo support for unlocking additional fighter jets and weaponry for them. If you don't have any amiibos, the themed jets can be unlocked throughout the game. To unlock them you need to locate and shoot down Mario blocks found in some missions.

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Alexious3320d ago

Ace Combat brings back some very good memories.

Jimboms3318d ago

All these games sound good


Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Godzilla and J-Stars Victory Vs+ discounted

The prices have been dropped for Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy + (now $17.51), Dragon Ball Xenoverse ($39.99 on PS4 and Xbox One), Godzilla ($52.69 on PS4) and J-Stars Victory Vs+ ($49.99 on PS4).

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InTheZoneAC3173d ago

Godzilla could be free on PS+ and I still wouldn't download it.

Such a shame that there's still flat out terrible games being published/developed.

eddieistheillest3173d ago

I hear ya , but I'd still download it. A "terrible" game now, might be a hidden gem in the next generation of console gaming, you never know .

InTheZoneAC3173d ago

why are you talking about games 5 years from now?

eddieistheillest3172d ago

Oh I'm sorry . I didn't know people weren't a loud to talk about it ! Why are you talking about a game you have never played ? You'd rather be a sheep and told what to do than to find out yourself .


Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy+ Review (Invision Game Community)

Set in an alternate-reality, ACE COMBAT ASSAULT HORIZON LEGACY + places players into the role of a fighter pilot on a string of missions to prevent the Usean government from spiraling into total collapse. Flight fanatics will be able to launch into campaigns featuring both aerial and ground attack missions and pilot powerful and famous aircraft to deftly complete each mission.

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Video: Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy + - A look at the Pac-Man amiibo plane

The guys over at Gaming Boulevard show the special Pac-Man amiibo plane in Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy +, played on a New 3DS.

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Crazyglues3285d ago

Wow that looks really cool, wish we could get that design on a car in DriveClub - that would just look so amazing..

Love this theme, really nice throw back to the old days of Pacman.