Battlefield: Hardline - Ultra versus Low Comparison Screenshots

Below you can view some comparison screenshots between the Battlefield: Hardline's Ultra and Low settings.

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Khajiit861844d ago

I dont see too much of a difference.

If I have a 970 wouldn't low settings be better than lets say a 660 on low settings?

xTheMercenary_1844d ago

No. low settings is low settings, no matter what gpu you have the only thing i can think of is if the gpu is so much worse than the 970 it causes stuttering,screen tearing and frame drops. At that point then it would look worse.

Khajiit861844d ago

Thx, makes me even happier I got the 970.

NarooN1844d ago

Outside of shadows being omitted or understated and some particle fx and stuff being removed, they look almost identical. Wat.