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hack64643968d ago

I can't stand this guys lisp. Not to be mean but its kind of annoying.

marinelife93968d ago

That's a big announcement. I wonder when it will come out he still never said.

That certainly makes up for the rest of the boring presentation.

deeznuts3968d ago

That was a megaton. And I'm a PS3 fan! Oh well, GF picking up a 360 for me this week!

consolewar3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

not impressed.

I hate turnbased rpgs.

PS.Where's project offse...

Bnet3433968d ago

MEGATON, that was so unexpected. When THE PRES OF se LEFT THE STAGE i WAS LIKE wtf? tHEN HE CAME BACK AND boom! wow

decapitator3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

Sh!t just got real folks. Sony needs to secure Jesus as exclusive to satisfy PS3 fans now...

wtf Sony ?

EDIT: Might wanna get Santa whiles in the process...Damn, Sony.

Fox013968d ago

Pwened. lol Gotta re-sell my PS3 right now.

Dark_Vendetta3968d ago

I have to say it again.
WTF? I would have understand MGS4, but FFXIII was damn unexpected

Muddyalcapones3968d ago

Im still gonna buy it on PS3 tho. Xbox doesn't have the overheating tolerance to deal with how much time i spend on FF games...

INehalemEXI3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

I have to admit that was a shocker. I expected to see some Star Ocean 4. I will get FF13 on blu ray though.

We have just witnessed the biggest WTF moment in gaming history.

Sites top 10 list of WTF moments in gaming for years to come will list this as the #1 WTF moment in gaming history.

seriously, wtF! MS just grudgingly gained +100 respect points from me.

Jamie Foxx3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

massive massive news,announcement of the entire e3

sony to let that slip you as a companie are slipping

tomorows e3 you either pull up your trousers from your ankles after letting microsoft rape you,or bend back over and give microsoft that ass to pound somemore

Spydiggity3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

is amazing. I've never been the biggest FF fan, but i know so many ppl are. and i know the ps3 fans will still get it on that...but my god. that was basically 1/3 of the playstations strength and microsoft snatched it up. I'd guess the production costs of FF are huge and they just don't think they could move enough software to justify the costs if it was a system exclusive. plus microsoft probably threw a few million their way.

The ONLY way sony can top microsoft now is if they announce Gears of War 2 is no longer 360 exclusive.

UnSelf3968d ago

My jaw literally dropped.

(sigh) smh, dont wry ppl, it should come as no surprise that Micosft would pull such a stunt. What doesnt kill Sony makes them stronger. We still have VersusXIII and we shouldnt let such a move from MSft sway our morale in the least. Our day is tomorrow, we shall see whos laughin then

Origin3968d ago

sony just has to show exclusives to beat microsoft
microsoft showed no new exclusives at all

Ogrekiller3968d ago

he announced FF13 for the 360 man

dantesparda3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

Yeah his lisp is really bad (suckering suck-a tash, lol!). Oh well, Sony just keeps fvcking up. For me it really doesnt matter much cuz i dont like RPG's much anyway, but seriously, Sony might as well just give MS everything they got, cuz seriously they practically already have. But that's not what even bothers me, its the fact the more than half of MS's show was about Wii like games. So for all the fanboys claiming that the Wii is just a fad, well guess what? MS is heading down that route. The only games i care for in that conference are RE5 and GoW2. And Im not impressed by the new dashboard, and the avatars are just a blatant rip-off. The whole new dashboard just seems like a rip off of Home and the Wii's avatars. Overall, a bad conference, most of it was wasted only sh!t i dont care about. But that's just me.

Oh and btw, if Sony let FF go, then you can bet that MGS4 is coming next, watch! And to Spidiggity "The ONLY way sony can top microsoft now is if they announce Gears of War 2 is no longer 360 exclusive." I agree, i agree, but it wont happen. The only way Sony could drop a bigger surprise other than that, would be if they showed a game so impressive, that it could not be denied. Good luck!

Fox013968d ago

immediately I saw the president of SquiX I kinda knew something big was gonna happen. If not why the fk would he be there

INehalemEXI3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

Im sure at this point we can kiss the "exclusivity" of all future known exclusive 3rd party ip's goodbye. Its going to be up to 1st party efforts for exclusives to show the L337N355. As it should be really Sony has plenty of 1st party ip's to draw from they best hop to it.

Legend of Dragoon 2 would be a good place to start.

gaffyh3968d ago

O..M...G. I am sooo shocked right now, wtf is Sony doing, I know they don't pay for exclusives, but damnit they really need to pay for this game.

FFXIII is a major system seller, Sony needs to get out their cheque book ASAP.

meepmoopmeep3968d ago

lmao, Sony you F***ED UP BIGTIME!!! HUGETIME!!!

not even Halo 4 announcement will have this much KABAMMM!!!


littletad3968d ago

Well on to ignore list for you, it's pathetic when someone complains and whines about exclusivity because it's not on their console only.

pompoms3968d ago

Thats some serious ownage by MS there... though I noticed he did not mention Japan, only US and europe???

UnSelf3968d ago

there are still some unanswered questions like....

1. Why did they keep sayin 360 "version"?
2. Does Sony at least have a timed exclusive?
3. Whats the fate of Versus XIII?

TheSadTruth3968d ago

"We told you so"

Can't wait for MGS4 on xbox 360 next year too

Kami3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

ff13 was delayed to take the "full capabilities of the ps3 hardware"lol... what a fakin joke.

zane_78493968d ago

That was shocking...but really they didn't show anything that changes anything. There was no mention of Versus so we'll see if that remains exclusive. Before anyone loses their s$!t here there is nothing that really catapults MS ahead with anything here. Lips is like Singstar, there game show stuff is alot like Buzz!TV, avatars are like Mii's. The netflix deal is cool- but I don't pay for my 360 online so no dice there. If your not a fanboy counting bullet points that showing was pretty dry.

Treading water is not the same as innovating. So far meh.

PS360WII3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

1. Why did they keep sayin 360 "version"? -like the Wii & PS2 "version" of RE4? It's the game just on 360

2. Does Sony at least have a timed exclusive? Maybe

3. Whats the fate of Versus XIII? That team seems to be helping XIII more than working on their game right now.

whoelse3968d ago

Just wait till you see whats in-store tomorrow!

iamtehpwn3968d ago

I bought my PS3 for this game.
And Now. I'm just so pissed. They said Final Fantasy XIII could only be done on PS3. THEY LIED TO US. =|

Enjoy your 5 Disc Fantasy XIII =[

truth for gamers3968d ago

Why if this story has over 800 degrees of heat, is it not up on the headlines frontage yet?

BLuKhaos3968d ago

omg the playstation camp just got owned hard!!!!what the fucc were you doing Kaz!?!?Ken wouldve never let this happen,wow congrats M$ you guys are really doing good.I hate to say this but sony you suck! from this day on i will no longer be a sony loyalist.I guess ill be picking up a 60gb 360 next month.

captainjy3968d ago

Yeah, you probably should sell your POS3, seriously. Unless of course you are really looking forward to playing MGS4 for the 12th time or Trophy hunting...lame.

gambare3968d ago

too bad that I want trophies and the game in a single disk and the link between FFXIII and FFXIII versus

CrazzyMan3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )


1) If FFXIII will be TIMED PS3 EXCLUSIVE, then Sony don`t lose. I mean, after we waited almost 3 years, who is going to wait another 1-1,5 year or more? =))
2) As long, as FFXIII won`t be downgraded because of x360, i`m HAPPY. Well, we will know only by release of FFXIII:versus, which is still EXCLUSIVE. :)
3) Moreover, FFXIII on x360 can be even downgraded compared to PS3 version. Who want this? =))

EPIC - yes, But won`t hurt PS3. =)
Just more people will play FFXIII, but maybe not at same quality...

rogimusprime3968d ago

don't be stupid. The 360 can't handle extended bouts of playtime across the board. The hardware still sucks. *yes i own one*

Sony Dropped the ball, I am pretty disappointed. not because of the exclusivity, but more because I feel the overall quality will suffer if they try a simultaneous release. Hopefuly sony at LEAST F**CKING secured THAT!

RemmM3968d ago

ONLY Final Fantasy XIII will be on the X Box 360. However, the PLAYSTATION 3 will have both Final Fantasy XIII AND Final Fantasy Versus XIII. AND also, 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII is NOT coming out in Japan because it won't sell well. Only both PS3 versions will be in Japan, US and EU. FFXIII will not be world wide.

Organic_Chemistry3968d ago

Whos that smiling tom cruise look a like to the left of that sell-out b!tch?

jwatt3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

Wow Sony I know you say you don't buy exclusives but I really didn't think it was true. So this means you guys are really focusing on first party titles. Well I have to say y'all better have a real good showing at E3, I mean there better be pleny of first party titles that also look very promising. Sony it's really time to start growing some [email protected] and stop letting m$ rape you guys. Sony I'm a little worried but I'm pretty sure you guys have something big cooking up at E3 if you let FF slip away like that.

cito35th3968d ago

idk if people know, but FF Xiii is still a ps3 exclusive!... a timed exclusive

THERE IS NOT GOING TO BE A 360 version of FF XLLL IN Japan!!!(where the biggest fan base is!) this means, the only version of FF iii is going to be on the ps3 IN JAPAN!!... also AFTER ps3's version is out then they will START TO DEVELOP FOR 360!!!

Bubble Buddy3968d ago

This hurts for Sony. I suspect that lots of people suddenly love Final Fantasy now.

RemmM3968d ago

Thats great news for 360 fans! ^O^ But PS3 is also getting FF Versus XIII XD

2Negativecool3968d ago

ZOMFGWTFBBQ!!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?! !?!??!?!??!?!

F'ING PWNED!!noeonetwo11!!!

stunt2133968d ago

Sony WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saigon3968d ago

people this is not sonys fault, this is what you call money interupting loyalty.

this game will come out for the PS3 first in JPN, once that is done we might see the game out on 360 and PS3 in EU and NA, but that is a big might it might not release on the 360 until the game is complete on the PS3 for all versions, if you read the kotaku transcript they said it is timed exclusive to the PS3.

they also asked how many disk will it be on for the 360 and SE laughed at the question. also major nelson stated that the game might be downloaded to the HD and streamed from there, this sounds like MS is pulling crap out there butts to make this work and to reduce the amount of disk. Again this sounds looks and taste like a payoff, who would go to that extreme to make this game work...the JPN version will release next summer and the EU/NA version will release that fall...expect the 360 version in 2010...

cLiCK_sLiCK93968d ago

Who gives a F..k?!!
I Dont live in japan so i could careless!
im worried about the quality of the game! i wanted FFXiii to be my next 'Metal Gear Solid quality' game! So there goes the Blu Ray advantage, and hey at least we still have 9 GiGs of space! Thats enough! sarcasm/ Sigh*

aceitman3968d ago

not to be alike he stated a couple of times a 360 version

Bloodwar3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

Final Fantasy XIII? I could have sworn that we were told over and over and over that this game would never see the light of day on the 360. What happened?

sumfood4u3968d ago

Tell me your kidding me well if this is true the more themerrier i say but! If XBOX get this game before PS3 than I'ma be real pissed! Seems like they gettng all the RPG lately!

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Superfragilistic3968d ago

Huge? This is earth shattering. Watch the Internet go into meltdown, unfreaking believable!

Marceles3968d ago

There's absolutely no news that can top this announcement, I dont even care what else is happening at E3 lol....that is HUGE. I dont care how much anyone hates on FF, that's a huge damn announcement...I'm in total disbelief. I sat and watched the whole trailer with my eyes popping out of my head and mouth opened...once I saw the soldiers flying down and Lightning, it hit like a ton of bricks. Lol...damn that was good ending for MS, I have to give it to them, they brought it

meepmoopmeep3968d ago

my jaw dropped 2 seconds into the video. i already knew it was XIII. lol. i was like, OMFG!!!

IaMs123968d ago

They did say they had something up going on and WOW! gives me hope FFVII remake might become a Multiplat... and he did say stuff about Japan and MS is hopng this would turn the tides for the 360 in Japan

Organic_Chemistry3968d ago

ff7 xbox remake? In your dreams, take $50 and buy the original for psone you jump-on-the-bandwagon POS

ThanatosDMC3968d ago

not sure if i'll buy this anymore...

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m91058263968d ago

lol i literally just said the same exact words in a duplicate story

gtgcoolkid3968d ago

all I could say is just wow too. I mean I love my ps3 and all I could say is wtf Sony. For once stand up but they have just given up from what it looks like.

heroman7113968d ago

sony better have some thing fu<king fantastic to counter this, sony loses a crap load of fans and sales

NightVyper3968d ago

One of the reasons i bought my PS3 was because XIII was a PS3 exclusive.

I also remember Square saying that each system would get it's own exclusives, and a bunch of talk that this game would not be able to run on anything but a PS3's cell a while back... It is disappointing on so many levels and i guess integrity is out the window at square enix. I guess will be picking up an xbox as soon as a new sku comes out hopefully it will be reliable.

Bits-N-Kibbles3968d ago

Lets hope they didn't dumb down the game for the 360 for all you FF fans... Personally I could care less but I know people are really into the whole Final Fantasy thing... Just not my cup o' tea.

rogimusprime3968d ago

none of you should be surprised....



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vloeistof3968d ago

omg sony wtf this is really big

Bnet3433968d ago

seriously what the hell is Sony doing?

Homicide3968d ago

Sony sucks. I'm selling my PS3.

Adamalicious3968d ago

Don't you think maybe people are making too much of a big deal about this? Do we really expect all the Final Fantasy fans to just go buy 360s instead of PS3s? Do we think that most 360 fans like or care about Final Fantasy?

I just seems to me that Microsoft is just going for the headline here.