Resistance Fall Of Man Review

When you think of developer Insomniac Games two games obviously come to mind. Spyro the Dragon and Ratchet & Clank have been two of the most successful franchises in the Sony camp for a long time and Insomniac was behind both of them. Now what you probably don't know is that these guys created a game early in the life of the PSOne that was sans a loveable mascot and chock full of aliens and big guns. This little known title was called Disruptor and it still remains one of the greatest unknown treasures in the PSOne library.

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shikwan4338d ago

"Second that chat function is almost useless as most PS3 gamers either don’t have a headset, or simply are not willing to go out and buy a brand new one just to chat in this game. This makes team games almost pointless as communication is completely severed."

After spending so much money just to get the PS3 home?

BTW Luckily he didn't include details on sending out game invites to people in other games, etc. Or it probably would've gotten a few more points knocked off of it.

shysun4338d ago (Edited 4338d ago )

Haters said the same thing about Socom and guess what....everyone went out and bought headsets for the damn game over a sort time.The rest of what you said can be fixed via you remember how live started out?

THAMMER14338d ago (Edited 4338d ago )


; P

PS3n3604338d ago

thats good news for sony fans that I will comment on since I dont want to be a 24/7 basher. I played COD2 and only COD2 on my 360 for 8 months, you only need a few titles at a time. It was crucial for Sony to launch with at least one great game and this sounds like the one especially for fps fans like myself. I hope you enjoy it. Also if this game is great than you can only expect more great games to come. I know I will not be able to resist GT5 and thats when I will open my wallet. Game on.

Juevani4338d ago

Sounds good, but Im not fps fan, yett *lol* Im waitin on the the next pro evolution soccer on PS3, the next-gen version out now on 360 didnt impresse me much so I bought it on my good and old PS2 (the awsome thing is that the ps2 version has alot bettah things packed in it, like its more teams,stadiums and +++) konami and MS did a shiitty job on this nex-gen version...

DreDawgg064338d ago

STop talking out of your ass, Microsoft has nothing to do with the content included in games. Especially when its not even First Party Titles...

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