E3 2008: You're in the Movies

From Kombo:..."You're in the Movies is about making short, campy, b-movies where your friends are the stars."

Codemasters and Zoe Mode are making You're in the Movies so that you can star in your own shorts.

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Blackmoses3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

looks pretty pathetic. Microsoft showed off the best of what they had in the first 20 minutes....Gears and Fable. Sad...Sad times...

I'm watching right now on Gamespot....their Press Conference is absolutely pathetic....seriously! All Fanboyism aside...really sad.
Gears looked great! Fable looks promising. Still out on Fallout....

uhh ohhh ...Square Enix took the stage....Big News Coming!!!


QueefyB3962d ago

hahaha they are doing nothing right "guitar HEEEERO!!!!"

cliffbo3962d ago

ooooooo look Eye-Create

GiantEnemyCrab3962d ago

Eye Create? Not even close, the only similarity they have is that they use a camera and take your video. This is so much more inventive than doing a bunch of edit's off your webcam like Eye Create.

predator3962d ago

could be fun to play this

chaosatom3962d ago

it was really really chessy.

Silver3603962d ago

Group of friends over some alcohol and laughing at each other

titntin3962d ago

This looked super-weak.

Good luck to them and everything, but it really wasn't what I wanted to see...

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