Superman, meet Kryptonite aka. Joe Public

Early sales of the comic book title Superman Returns has been described as being 'dissapointing'. Michael Savner an analyst explained to Forbes.com that both Madden and FIFA sales would have to make up for Supermans dismal start.

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Sphinx6297d ago

...they wouldn't have this problem. Still, I may give it a rent during my two week vacation.

MicroGamer6297d ago

there hasn't been a good Superman game. On any platform. If they want a Superman game to sell, they have to make one with lots of battles against Darkseid.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL6296d ago

EA is KRYPTONITE thats why the game isn't selling!


25 Most Played / Supported Adult Games of 2024

The best-selling adult games in the market, along with their revenue figures.

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Petebloodyonion33m ago

I guess these companies didn't call Sweet baby inc. for help.


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