Konami Erases Kojima From Metal Gear History

The rift between Konami and Hideo Kojima looks to be intensifying, as the publisher has today effectively erased the Metal Gear creator's name from series history.

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JoeMcCallister2318d ago

They really need to come out and start talking, PR is dropping the ball and this all just looks weird to the masses.

breakpad2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

and here starts the downfall of MGS and possibly the real reason of Kojima s departure...Konami goes for quantity over quality (as COD and other Western crap) ..thing that Kojima didnt accept

XB1_PS42318d ago

Title is wrong. They erased Kojima off of some box art. They absolutely cannot erase Kojima from Metal Gear History. He is Metal Gear. We decide if something from Metal Gear history can be erased.

aCasualGamer2318d ago

Well, that's quite a big leap you're taking there. I'm sure Kojima is a mastermind but the success and quality of a game doesn't lie on one persons ability rather than the cohesive effort of the whole team, commitment from one person doesn't bring quality if the whole team is weak.

My concern is whether Kojima has dropped out of Silent Hills in result of this. That project was early on in the production and if the project leader dropped out, there's reason for concern.

About projects after Phantom Pain and Silent Hills, i'm sure he left the franchise in good hands. But i'm more concerned over the ongoing projects that he was involved with.

Removing his name is a conscious choice from the head of the company so the franchises value won't be weighed through Kojimas involvement.

It's a way of saying, the franchise can live on without Kojima.

Personally, i don't think any game should be named after a person, the reason these games are great is again because of the effort of the whole team. This goes to everything from games to movies to other products. The fact that Apple products were synonymous with Steve Jobs is a disgrace and slap in the face for the hard workers around the world.

Moldiver2318d ago

"We decide if something from Metal Gear history can be erased."

Exactly. Because we are the sons of liberty!

But seriously,something is amiss. The silence from both parties does not help. But all these rumours could turn out to be nothing more than a renegotiating between both parties over metal gear or something. Hope it does not negatively effect the development of MGS 5.

SoulMikeY2318d ago

Western crap huh? That seems to be quite the ignorant statement. I'll agree that shit like COD and Minecraft is crap. And it also happens to be "western". But trust me, Japan doesn't have a lot to brag about at this point. Metal Gear, the Souls games.... That's about it.

Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy 9 were their last great ones. Anything, Japanese or not, with "Tales" in the title should have never been created.

XB1_PS42318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )


He's the head writer, prodcuer, director, and game designer to the main MGS games. Without him, the games don't exist. He's a legend in the gaming industry. That's why his name is on the box.

"It's a way of saying, the franchise can live on without Kojima."

To me, it seems like a slap in the face to Kojima. Like he hasn't been the pushing force for Konami for decades. The franchise will not be the same without him. No matter what.

HiddenMission2318d ago


Your name kind of says it all...

Miyamoto made Mario and Zelda and you think the sequals to those titles would have been as great without him...if you do you're showing how very little you understand about a creative work of art.

It takes a creative artistic mind to build an IP and it take the highest caliber of artistic individuals to leave a mark or a legacy.

Saying that the team or a team can just keep on going is well ignorant. Look at Apple after Steve Jobs not the same...look at Apple when they forced him out...almost broke the company.

Hideo is a Steve Jobs of gaming and while you fail to grasp that others do and we see that this could and most likely will see the series fall apart or even worse turn into something a shell of its former self.

As far a branding changes its like taking Steve from Apple or Miyamoto from Nintendo the product decreases it's appeal once you know the individuals who brought the secret sauce are no longer there.

Don't believe what I'm saying what happened to Capcom when they laid off Clover Studios...the company has never been the same and all of its IP's have suffered greatly due to the parting.

So yeah you're very wrong with the optimistic assumption that it might be for the best.

LordMaim2318d ago

Pfft. I wouldn't be surprised if this is just another stunt. Just like Joakim Mogren.

XBLSkull2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

Metal gears gameplay was always fun, but the ludicrous story and insane amount of cut scenes really ruined the games for me. If they can get a group of developers together that can continue with great gameplay and drop all that frivolous story crap and give us a nice and simple "bad guy wants to take over the world" story I think they will really take the series to a new level of awesome and reach a much wider audience.

N4Flamers2318d ago

@ casual

yeah i can tell you dont have a firm grasp of the metal gear series if you think someone else can make a narrative thats as complicated and engaging as any of the previous games. We will probably end up with something along the lines of MGSRaising again. Fun game but the absurdity of the mgs universe was mishandled and the game suffered.

sinspirit2318d ago


That is one of the worst comments I have ever read on this site. The amount of sense it makes to get rid of what makes Metal Gear what it is in order to make it a run and gun and repeat-fest is the worst thing I have heard from a "gamer". You SHOULD play games for multiple unique experiences. Not for point a to point b crap. If you don't want story driven then don't even come here and post. Don't tell anyone to rid of what makes it what it is. Just find something else. You're insulting this game with what you just said.

CuddlyREDRUM2318d ago

What about Japanese crap?

phoenixwing2318d ago

Why did you have to hate on the tales series of all things? The tales series is a consistant series with its offerings. I mean sure there are some bad ones out of the bunch but last gen the tales of series provided good jrpg's to play when final fantasy XIII was too linear for my taste.

sikandar2012318d ago

Title is wrong but Konami has also removed kojima's name from Ground Zeroes as well.. first it was only from Phantom Pain!

sonarus2318d ago

Oh God, Please Please Please, don't let this affect Phantom Pain. We have waited long enough as is.

DVAcme2318d ago

No, you mean EA and Activision, not "Western" crap. Cause the West right now is giving Japan a beating in terms of innovation and delivering good games. Kojima is a legend, but he's also, by his own admission, the most Western-influenced Japanese developer. His themes and characters are based on many well-established Western concepts, and the Metal Gear series, even with its moments of Japanese weirdness, is most appealing to Western audiences. Hell, Kojima gives ample praise to developers like Rockstar and Bethesda with their open worlds, and MGS5 is a direct response to that kind of gameplay.

NerdBurglars2318d ago

In other news Konami is un-invited from Kojimas birthday party!

freshslicepizza2318d ago

does anyone else have their name displayed on the cover? i don't even recall shigeru miyamoto's name being there and he is nintendo.

hideo kojima always came off as full of himself anyways. it's like he's talking about himself in third person. yes he's made a huge name for himself and yes without him mgs is nothing but there is also a team that helps make the game, he's not an indie developer.

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ZombieKiller2318d ago

"Konami TRIES TO Erase Kojima From Metal Gear History"


Sorry but even if they try their hardest, it will never happen. Kojima is MGS and MGS (plus a few other games and movies) is Kojima. I only say movies because his Twitter says he's 80% movies :)

HumanatPlay2318d ago

This could be one of the most epic April fools jokes...5 stages of grief man...5 stages of grief...

tmh35932318d ago

I'm so glad they came out and said this because now I am sure and relieved knowing that this is just Kojima trolling.

UKmilitia2318d ago

well i can guarantee that PPain will be my last metal gear.
i expect them to carry it on and i wont support it and that way they will sell off and hopefully leave gaming for good.

nothing like the company they was in the 90s

showtimefolks2318d ago

if this is indeed true and Kojima has decided to leave(and that's a huge IF, April Fool is coming)(

Join Sony and work on some awesome games

CBOAT2318d ago

ܝܘܚܢܢ ܒܝܬ ܐܦܪܝܡ

Noami2317d ago

isnt kojima a expert aprils fools person he always had preparation earlier b4 in the past..most of the time i hope thats the case..

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Jalva2318d ago

Wherever Kojima goes next, it seems obvious that he'll want to own the rights to his creations, so that rules out Sony.

SaveFerris2318d ago

I don't think he'll go to either of the console companies, nor EA, Ubisoft, etc. He'll likely open his own studio.

Jalva2318d ago

Seems like the best option by far.

Palitera2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

Or reveal the reason for all this trolling in April 1th, "the day Konami will reveal their next head guys".

Seriously, this is Kojima and there is an statement scheduled for April's Fool. What else do you need?


Crimzon, Sunset Overdrive was my most wanted game last year.
Don't worry if you miss on playing it. It is not THAT good.

Dark_king2318d ago

@Paliterav shh don't mention that this man loves to prank gamers.Just sit back and enjoy all this.

Moldiver2318d ago

"He'll likely open his own studio."

The issue would be finance. He could do crowd funding but there are two problems there. A kojima game, is very expensiv. And his games tend to get delayed for his own reason. Crowdfunders would want him to be very transparent on that or he would run the risk of damaging his reputation. Which works against his pretty secretive approach.

But EA, Bathesda or activision would be interested.And they have the resources to fund and market A new Kojima IP. whether we like or loathe these companies, who else can afford an ambitious kojima project? Maybe namco-bandai or square enix, but I think the latter would prefer to spend that money on one of their own franchises.

Aloren2318d ago

@Moldiver, You're forgetting Ubi.

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Crimzon2318d ago

I was really disappointed that I'll never get to play Sunset Overdrive because Sony refused to let Insomniac Games own the IP. If Sony's smart and want to snag Hideo, they'll let him make whatever he wants and let him own it as well.

dolphin_supreme2318d ago

Sony's proven they don't mind developers doing their own thing.

DafunkyRebel2318d ago

Considering the freedom Sony gave Naughty Dog and the relationship between Kojima and Playstation over the years I have a a fair certainty that he will join a Sony team for sure

TaylorSwiftFan2318d ago

Come to Naughty Dog, Kojima San!

XB1_PS42318d ago

Eww no, he's a leader. He needs to build his own studio. If he went to Naughty Dog, the only position acceptable would be the president. That would change Naughty Dog. Naughty Dog needs to stay exactly the way it is. Right now they're perfect.

Kojima is coming from a Vice President position at Konami. He's not going to just join in as a scrub at ANY studio.

I hope he makes his own studio.

RiseofScorpio2318d ago

I'm pretty sure he doesn't speak English.

vallencer2318d ago

He does actually. Just isn't that great at it. He's spoken English on various occasions. Hell one was at e3 on Microsofts stage.

iceman062318d ago

He speaks English, but is more comfortable speaking in his native language. Thus, most of his conferences have a translator. If you watch most of his interviews, it's clear that he understands the English. He'd just rather express himself fully in Japanese.

OrangePowerz2318d ago

What a disgrace Konami is removing the creater of their cash cow from the marketing.

rdgneoz32318d ago

Even more of a disgrace.

"while somewhat ominously announcing that it will be hiring a new development team to begin working on a new Metal Gear title following the conclusion of The Phantom Pain"

Guess Phantom Pain is the last MGS I'll be playing.

vallencer2318d ago

To be fair he did always say he wanted someone else to take the mantel from him for MGS. However I agree if he isn't part of it or his old team then I won't buy it.

spicelicka2318d ago

lol this sounds like a high school girl fight, where they black out each other's faces on facebook photos.

Akuma2K2318d ago

Lmaoooo......bubble for you, that was funny.

RGB2318d ago

Absolute disgrace! He's single handedly carried Konami in the last decade. May even boycott The Phantom Pain dependent on further news.

KimDongHwan2318d ago

Phantom Pain will be the last Kojima Game, so buying it its like to honor the man, the creator. After that if you want boycott the nexts metal gears without him.

RGB2318d ago

Is The Phantom Pain his true vision anymore?
What will Konami do between now and release?
If Kojima isn't getting anything from this and his named been dragged through the dirt, why should I buy it?

I'll get it 2nd hand and support Kojima in his future non-Konami projects, they've lost me and no doubt thousands of others, their loss.

jon12342318d ago

Your boycotting will have absolutely no effect... All you're going to be doing is missing out on a good game.