GamesTM says "something big heading to Wii VC"

Reader Callum sent in a snippet from gaming mag GamesTM that concerns the Virtual Console. He took a pic, and transcribed the bit of text as well…

"Something big is coming to the Virtual Console, something that, for the past decade, certain corners of the retro community have been crying out for. I wish I could say more, but the uncertainties of publishing schedules prevents me from spilling the beans too early. Nevertheless, if what we've heard turns out to be true, the virtual console is about to become a lot more interesting and looks like it might turn out to be much more valuable to dedicated retro gamers than we first thought."

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BlackCountryBob5951d ago

Must be Goldeneye! Possibly Perfect dark but my money would be on Goldeneye!

MicroGamer5951d ago (Edited 5951d ago )

Goldeneye or Perfect Dark or any of the other Rare made treasures for the N64. Nintendo does not own the code. Even if they get all the other license issues straigtened out, Rare still owns the actual games.

BlackCountryBob5951d ago

Rare is owned by M$ so its possible that Nintendo has been allowed to use the code by M$ who will also add it to live arcade! Activision would be happy to sell the game using the license as they wanna make cash! It would be difficult to do it but its not impossible for Goldeneye to be put on VC. If not, possibly Ocarina of Time or Majora's Mask. Crono Trigger isn't a "big" title in the same way as Zelda or Goldeneye are!

MicroGamer5951d ago

how Activision fits in at all. They own the right to produce *NEW* Bond games. They don't own the rights to Goldeneye on the N64.

PS360WII5951d ago

Yeah so it was on N64 and Rare made it and Activision owns the rights to Bond. So in accuallity no one will probably see Goldeneye on a downloadable for either VC or Marketplace.
Yet they did say it's for the retro and n64 doesn't really have the retro feel yet. I'm thinking it's got to be a Chronos Trigger or something like that.

MicroGamer5951d ago (Edited 5951d ago )

Chrono Trigger was by Square and Square Enix is in the Sony corner. They would put their old titles in the PS3 station store before they let Nintendo have it. They did make a PS1 version, remember. The same would go for any Final Fantasy. The biggest thing I can see them realistically putting in VC would be the original Zelda, if it isn't there already.

Harry5951d ago

May not even be that good..

If it's goldeneye or perfect dark i shall be pleasantly surprised

ChickeyCantor5951d ago

i hope nintendo comes with a multiplayer update, when the omline-multiplayer starts, we can play all the retro games with or against others around the world.

wakkiwakko5950d ago

I was going to say online support but I was having trouble loging in. :P

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