How Will Next Gen Ports Be Handled?

Before much was known of the Xbox 360, the Wii and the PS3, it was generally assumed that porting across the three platforms would be much easier than on previous consoles because they would most likely be pretty similar in terms of features and performance. How times have changed.

Last generation it was still relatively easy to handle multi platform ports with all three consoles having roughly the same basic capabilities at least in terms of features, with only the Xbox's "Live" online networking system really separating it from the Gamecube and PS2. Developers generally aimed for the lowest common denominator (the PS2) and worked from there, this time things look to be a little different.


I just cant wait for GTA and PS3

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ps3willrule6310d ago

it doesn't even seem that way every one of those games is the exact same with features and everything

ps3willrule6310d ago

i mean for ps2 and x-box hopefully that changes