Microsoft's Lips supports motion-sensitive wireless mics

Microsoft's Lips has been "officially" unveiled at E3 -- a bit early courtesy of Gamerscore Blog. The karaoke game, developed by Elite Beat Agents dev iNiS, will feature motion-sensitive wireless microphones. (What does that mean?) The "franchise" is expected to hit Xbox 360 this holiday season.

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SL1M DADDY3961d ago

Or does anybody else see a pattern here? It would seem that MS decided to go nearly all casual this E3 confrence. It's like the hardcore gamers have been placed on the back burner for this years event. Oh well, guess all is good if it helps in sales.

wolfehound223961d ago

Ya I'm sure the Wii sales have something to do with it. I remember reading somewhere that last year was focused more on hardcore games. And this year was more casuals.

hack64643961d ago

I can't watch this anymore. Where are the hardcore games?

edit: here comes square, whats gonna happen?

Superfragilistic3961d ago

I didn't expect thi to look good, but I gotta admit it looks a hell of a lot better than expected.

The ability to plug in an ipod and sing to you're own music is gold! :)