Five Playstation Games That Ushered Into A New Gaming Era

Todd Misura of FTG: In September 1995, video games changed forever. The release of the PlayStation was the biggest kick in the pants the home console market had since Nintendo took over a decade prior. The PlayStation was the first well-built and designed CD-ROM based console and was able to outperform anything on the market. The Atari Jaguar and similar CD-ROM based consoles were hitting the markets in the early 90’s and failed on various levels to be best sellers. Nintendo had only themselves to blame for being the weaker system after it passed on Sony’s CD add-on for the Super Nintendo. Don’t get me wrong, the N64 had some beautiful and awesome games on it, but it wasn’t my system of choice. The Playstation was king in my house for years and deservedly so.

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SaveFerris1362d ago

What about PaRappa the Rapper?

SaveFerris1362d ago

The original Playstation sure had some great games, huh?

Khajiit861362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

We need a new version of all 3 of those.

Edit: Crash Bandicoot?

Khajiit861362d ago

LOL CD player... I remember I was like "WTF!! Thats insane, you can put your music CD in you console and it works!!!"

DragoonsScaleLegends1361d ago

MediEvil, Ape Escape, and The Legend of Dragoon were my top games on PS1.

1361d ago
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