First Halo 3 Euro Beta Details

Microsoft has announced the first details of the Halo 3 European Beta, revealing the only way to get your grubby mitts on one - at least initially - is by visiting one of its 33 official Xbox Community Network sites. Each of the fan sites, listed below, has a number of Beta spaces to give away, with Brit Xbox and Totally 360
the first to open their competitions for entry. Both have 100 Betas up for grabs, with the remaining XCN sites expected to open their competitions for entry at some point today.

Competitions are expected to close in January and winners will receive their access codes shortly after, in time for the Beta launch in the Spring next year. But don't fret if you miss out because Microsoft has promised it will announce more ways to get in on the Beta soon.

Visit IGN for the full list of sites.

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PS360PCROCKS4336d ago

wow good thing I dont have to go through that as I live in the U.S, I'll be thoroughly dissapointed if I don't atleast in some way get to try this game before it ships

deepio4336d ago

This is so silly, why not just allow us to register like you guys in the US instead of having to "win" a spot in the beta!!

malachi234335d ago

As Europeans are SCREWED AGAIN!...