Layoffs at DriveClub developer Evolution

Driveclub developer Evolution has suffered a number of layoffs, Sony has confirmed to Eurogamer.

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gangsta_red3408d ago (Edited 3408d ago )

Sad that this is still apart of this industry business.

Lets hope that the ones laid off can find something soon.

Sh** rolls down hill, I wouldn't be surprised if all the management were unaffected by the layoffs.

Christopher3408d ago

And, let me guess, none of them the managers involved in the poor delivery of the game?

I seriously hope the folks in charge of managing the game aren't given any favors over the developers who worked their butts off to meet the demands of the managers.

Crimzon3408d ago

I think some of the higher-ups might have been sacked, yeah. There was a leak a couple days ago about these layoffs and apparently a lot of studio veterans had been laid off, some of the guys had been at the studio since the beginning.

g-nome3408d ago

Thanks for the best racing game ever anyway. Level 50 and still enjoying it.

Sokol3408d ago

Always a hard time when you lose a job and have to find ways to supporting your family.
I hope anyone who lost their job find another work as soon as possible.

Nature of the business this days it hard to find work.