Watch: 1080p State of Decay Xbox One Debut Trailer

Microsoft and Undead Labs on Thursday released the "debut" trailer for the upcoming Xbox One version of open-world zombie game State of Decay, which is called the Year One Survival Edition.

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SaveFerris3264d ago

This particular zombie game interests me more than the Dead Rising, Dead Island, and Dying Light games. It just seems to have more depth to it imo.

Christopher3264d ago

Looks okay. Can definitely tell that the porting from 360 held it back. But, doesn't at all look bad.

I don't know how it plays. How is the game? Is it a fairly generic zombie game or does it do something new and worthwhile?


This is actually a port from the 360...not the other way around.

AngelicIceDiamond3264d ago

@Chris Well it was a 360 game first afterall.

Christopher3264d ago (Edited 3264d ago )


What I said: "Can definitely tell that the porting FROM 360 held it back."

What you said: "This is actually a port FROM the 360..."


***Well it was a 360 game first afterall.***

That doesn't mean it couldn't have had more work to improve the porting. But, it's like DmC, mostly just upscaling of most things and very little fine tuning/reskinning otherwise. At least it's not as bad of a job as the DmC port, that's for certain.

But, what stands out the most is the 360 physics/lighting still remaining rather than being updated to the potential of the XBO.

IrishSt0ner3264d ago (Edited 3264d ago )

To answer your question.. Basically it's single player with permadeath (you can play as most community members) where you build bases, scavange for resources, build your community (by saving others and bringing them back), build character abilities etc... There's a good bit to it.

It's defintely individual and a good game that everyone should at least try (it's on PC too), you'll have a lot of fun playing through fisrt time and I hear the DLC has great replayability (the vanilla game doesn't really).

There are significant problems you'd need to put up with though.. like poor movement, poor framerate at times, some lackluster graphics, and other bugs.

Kryptonite42O3264d ago

@Irish, agreed

Great game and everyone who is a fan of zombie games should try it. Hopefully with the newest version on the new gen consoles will have many of the bugs fixed. The 360 version definitely had a lot of bugs, but was enjoyable regardless. I believe it was only $10 for the basic game not including dlc. but I could be wrong.

As fun as it is, I wish they would add online co-op. Would be great to scavenge for resources and kill zombies with a friend.

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Chanogram3264d ago

I actually skipped this on 360 (not sure what was going on at the time), so i'm pretty excited to get the chance to play this on the One.

Yetter3264d ago

damn, im jealous. I played the hell out of the 360 version but didn't touch the DLC so I'll likely buy it again on x1, but I wish I could have a totally fresh experience like you're going to. It might very well be my favorite xbla title of the generation

-Foxtrot3264d ago

I doubt it but I hope they've added a solo mode to this where you can set up a base by yourself.

The concept is great and the 360 version played really well but trying to scavenge for supplies only to hear after a short while a survivor needs a "talking" to was annoying.

Maybe if they don't do it in this game they'll do it in the sequel. I'd love to slowly build up a base by myself.

Go out, gather supplies for what I need, then come back and build the stuff myself. Defend my base on my own until I can get better stuff to lower the encounter rate.

OpieWinston3264d ago

The game was built with Community survival in mind. Because surviving by yourself in a Zombie apocalypse is less than likely.

And the sequel is being built from the ground up with Multiplayer in mind so communities with friends.

Enough Zombie games already do the whole "Solo Survivor" act. No game truly does a community focused experience like State of Decay.

MilkMan3264d ago

Yes, but it would be nice to have it as an option. Shouldn't be excluded simply because others are doing it.
Especially if they want more money, for the same game - only prettier and faster.

OpieWinston3264d ago

Adding the option? You can have a community where you're the only member it just means if you die it's game over.

Have you people done any research on this game?

Prettier and faster?
They added new animations(Combat/Stealth/Etc. ..)
New characters
New weapons
New vehicles
Carried over features from Lifeline and Breakdown into the main game.

State of Decay was envisioned as a Survival fantasy horror experience. Part of the survival was being able to build a community of NPCs with friends. The friends part wasn't doable because it required them to rip the game apart to add it.

The current state of the game is fully playable with you as the only member of the Community with someone giving you Radio cues of people in trouble and supply areas.

Christopher3264d ago

***Adding the option? You can have a community where you're the only member it just means if you die it's game over. ***

That sounds interesting. The rogue-like of zombie survival games.

-Foxtrot3264d ago (Edited 3264d ago )

So what? You wouldn't want an option for people to try and survive on their own in some sort of hardcore mode

At the beginning you get the option, you can follow someone to build a community and protect them or you can leave them to survive on their own. Everyone wins

Yeah it's less then likely to go solo in this kind of situation but that's where the fun is...to try and survive by yourself

Not wanting at least the option for other people is pretty selfish

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Yetter3264d ago

well, you could just let everyone else die

pyroxxx3264d ago (Edited 3264d ago )

They should add some kind of Casual mode ,.. where you can save at least once,..or a way to add other skills to everyone Amazing game,.. but basically maxing out everything for hours and hours,.. and getting killed hurts even more than in fromsoftware games,.. basically had to restart too many times,.. because first character has awesome stats

MilkMan3264d ago

I don't really see how the graphics improved, but OK. I wonder what else was included to make this worth buying again.
Seems like the same game, only slightly prettier. For that they could have just made it backwards compatible. ...oh, that's right we don't do that no more, we re-buy our entire gaming library every 5 years now.
or try streaming.

Either way, its a good game, but id like to know what they did different to warrant a purchase. Take Bladestorm remake for example, such a niche, sub-genre game. Yet, it was remade with so many upgrades and new content that its basically a new game.

So if a niche game like that can do it, such a popular game like this one, should at least not insult us and attempt something better than "includes all previous DLC" I'm kinda expecting this by now.

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