Rumor: Kojima Productions Name Retired, Kojima Disassociating From Metal Gear And Konami

While evidence has been growing that Hideo Kojima and his publisher have split ways, this latest piece of evidence may have confirmed Kojima Productions, the studio, has been retired, or at least its name is.

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Jedislayer2319d ago

This saddens me, but thank you Mr. Kojima for the awesome metal gear games you have brought us.

boodi2319d ago

I'm sure he will gift us with some more awesomeness out of Konami , it is quite hard to think anything Kojima decides is bad for gamers and gaming .. i'm pretty confident ..

Lord_Sloth2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

A rumor that has already been shot down which technically makes it a lie. XXXD

_-EDMIX-_2318d ago

...until its not. I would legit start seeing him as an ex konami employee.

Look at capcom.

No Ono, no Infune, Shinji, Kamyia etc left. Its not impossible to see it happening with Kojima and Konami.

Japanese developers for some time now have been having a bit of a revolution in regards to development and creative control.

Unsung Story, Project Phoenix and likely many more. Look em up.

Shadow Of The Damned
Evil Within
Mighty 9

All IPs created by former Capcom developers. There is life after an IP.

Developers from the east are now MORE THEN EVER before in history are taking more control and understanding more their self worth.

Developers are not afraid to let publishers know after a while just how much they must be valued.

I got all those IPs above, didn't get RE6, didn't get the new DmC etc.

Kojima will be fine releasing a new IP as MGS is more then just some characters on a screen. Without its key team, its legit nothing more then a name.

metatronx2319d ago

@Lord: its doesnt mean anything. See Ueda and Sony, even though he doesnt work for Sony anymore, he still works on TLG. Same with Kojima, he will continue to oversee MGSV DLC and such. I see this as a good move for Kojima himself anyway. He can go independent, and work on whatever he wants.

vishmarx2319d ago

konami is good as dead without kojima

vivid832319d ago

konami dont just make metal gear you know

Moldiver2319d ago


True but who really cares about their other games? PES loses out to fifa every year. Castlevania isnt the must have game series it was in the late 80s and 90s (even though I like the two recent games). What else do they really have? Id love a new gradius, or parodius But I would be one of only a hundred thousand or so people,that would buy it.

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WESKER20152319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

pre order canceled!

SmokingMonkey2319d ago

wasn't MGSV supposed to be episodic?

this is bad news, who owns the rights to Metal Gear?

or Zone of Enders?

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