Playstation TV Dies All Over Again

Sony launched its first foray into online TV with PlayStation Vue in 3 markets on March 18th. The service seems like a cool idea and surely if you have a device that carries the PlayStation logo and is quite possibly related to TV it should be able to stream the service, right? Wouldn't that make complete and total sense?

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen3182d ago

I think this is definitely a missed opportunity for Sony to offer Playstation Vue to a wider audience. Including the option to have Playstation Vue with the PS TV unit should have been a no brainer! Sure you could stream the content from your Playstation console to the PS TV device, but why not have a stand-alone version for PS TV?

Imagine having PS TV being used like a set-top-box. Lots of potential right?

JoGam3182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

They will be releasing it to a wider audience one day.

UKmilitia3182d ago

the thing that will kill pstv is the fact that its not in full hd yet or 60fps yet on remote play and the price of Vita memory cards.
if they just dropped the price because it cant cost them much to make now.
they should of sold it with 32gb built in or something.

fr0sty3182d ago

actually, the next PS4 fw update enables 60fps remote play, as well as 60fps game streaming.

MyDietEqualsGames3182d ago

That's freakin awesome man. I might get a VIta to remote play FFXV while standing in line at Pink's Hollywood. If anything can get me through the line there, it's gotta be FFXV on remote play Vita.

uth113182d ago

It could still happen. They just announced Hulu for the PS TV. PS VUE is having a limited rollout for now. I'd expect it to come to many more devices like PS Now has.

RedDevils3182d ago

Sling tv look better, Vue look more like a cable package

ZombieKiller3182d ago

I signed up for the free trial and turned it off after about 5 minutes of the menu and lack of content I wanted (Sorry but the only show I watch really is Arrow). They didn't have The CW which is all I really wanted to watch.

Netflix + Hulu= $16 a month and pretty much covers me on all interests. I'd love to support Sony in this way but not for that price and not for that quality. I wasn't too impressed with the picture either...not with the clarity I've seen from that PS4! They need to step up the quality

Summons753182d ago

I didn't even try the free trial. As soon as I read Subscription Fee I was turned off. When are these companies going to learn that nobody wants more subscriptions. I don't want Netflix, Hulu, Vue, Now, HBO GO (which is widely over priced), PS+, Live, Prime. It's too much. I have + and Netflix and that's all I am getting. If Sony wants to include Now and Vue into plus for a little bit extra I would be on board but people don't want 100 different subscriptions. I don't know the price on Vue but I'll bet it's not nearly as good as the 7 bucks that is Netflix.

Oschino19073182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

You clearly don't value live tv, local networks, show recording, etc, etc...

It's also just a limited channel 3 region beta, honestly wtf did you expect? Did you throw PS Now under the bus because you didn't value it's offerings or it's first beta didn't have your favorite game as well.

@Summons75, shocker that you aren't happy with something you have little if any knowledge of. All you seem to do 99% of the time is B&M about things that aren't targeted towards you and that you know nothing about.

Talk about being a grumpy old man(child).

ZombieKiller3182d ago

Oschino1907: Listen to your butthurt childish comment. Anyone that gives a remotely negative opinion, you just straight up attack. Am I not allowed to like/dislike stuff Sony makes? If this was a "limited beta" then why are the prices up? Why is a beta $50 a month or higher?

Who the hell are you to tell me what I value and what I don't? What if I already have Verizon FiOS that offers a better picture and bundles my internet too? Plus has the channel line-up I want.. Does that warrant one of your so-called insults?

As for PS Now, no I didn't downplay it. I told my brother to get a month because he didn't have PS3. I threw NOTHING under any bus. You clearly don't value your braincells as you have nothing intelligent to say except attack people who don't agree with you 100%. Grow up douche.

Oschino19073182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

So why did you compare it's value to netflix and hulu instead of Fios tv which is the market it is going for?

I was being sarcastic and making light of the fact that you were complaining that it wasn't fulfilling your needs which it never intended to fulfill or in some respect not until it's available for way more people and out of beta.

Believe it or not paying for things in a beta is very common. That's why I am sticking to the free trial until I can cancel cable if the prices are good for me.

The only one that seems butthurt and childish is the one you see in the mirror everyday.

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Jubez1873182d ago

Do you go on the FFXIV reddit a lot? I know I've seen that username somewhere else before..

Gamer19823181d ago

Right now its in infancy stages.. Thats why its only in 3 cities and doesn't have as many channels as people would like. No doubt it will come to a lot more devices and places as it grows. This is no doubt them rushing it out as they got contracts from the networks and they are paying those contracts and want to make some of that money back now while they are working on the service.

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GribbleGrunger3182d ago

LOL. This industry never fails to amaze me. Let's wait and see before we make the funeral arrangements.

SmokingMonkey3182d ago

Yea, it's not like Playstations ever update with new firmware, right! /s

Blazin_283182d ago

They are just doing a soft launch in a few select cities on the PS4 and PS3 for now. Im sure when they do the full launch it will be available on allot of devices. Probably even have an app on their TVs. They even talked about maybe brining it to Ipad.

Torque_CS_Lewith3182d ago

That's what you people said about PS mobile and Book of Spells... Bet you in specific championed them.

Canary3181d ago

I dunno. It doesn't take too much imagination to see Sony abandoning a new product or service.

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iTechHeads3182d ago

PS TV was never "alive".

PS TV would have been a much better product if it had nothing to do with Vita. Vita is what killed PS TV.

WalterWJR3182d ago

I'm about to go on a journey where it will be impossible for me to take my ps4 with me. Playstation TV fills that void, so it is certainly alive and kicking in my neck of the woods.

KwietStorm_BLM3182d ago

A journey? Like to your furnished basement? I thought PS TV only connected on the same network? Or are you just planning on playing Vita games?

Loktai3182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )


You do know it does more than remote play for one thing right?

iTechHeads3182d ago

and some people still play their N64 or PS1. Doesn't mean those consoles are still alive and kicking.

Canary3181d ago

The hell? The Vita integration was literally the ONLY selling point PSTV had.

SmokingMonkey3182d ago

Yea it's to bad Sony can't add things to their machines with firmware updates. /s

I D/L'ed Vue yesterday, (Seattle area) I'm so excited for this as Netflix and Hulu has been my TV for awhile now.


for the three packages for those who don't know.

OC_MurphysLaw3182d ago

Given the costs they are charging monthly and offered channels compared to what the cable companies already offer... why would this be a compelling "cut the cord" service? If anything its just a poorman's cable in disguise.

Death3182d ago

I was checking that out earlier today. I'm not sure what the incentive is to "cut cable" for $70 a month. I'm getting more with cable now and getting a discount for having my internet through the same company. A lot of people aren't factoring in the amount they will pay for internet when they lose their bundle pricing.

SilentNegotiator3182d ago

I'm going to hold out for a service that actually lets me pick the channels I want individually before I cut the cord. Cord cutting services have been pretty disappointing so far. Cable is a better value right now (especially, like you said, as a bundle with internet).