Engadget & Joystiq live from Microsoft's E3 2008 keynote

Joystiq & Engadget Write

"9:47 am PT: Alright! We're waiting in line for the MS press conference! We're feigning excitement through gratuitous use of exclamation points!

9:49 am PT: An MS representative asks us if we have our "passports." We assume she means our press badges and isn't about to whisk us to another country. Mind you, we've always wanted to see the Swiss Alps. Oh, and the chocolate and... okay, we're getting sidetracked.

9:5 am PT: So, if you were trying to spot us in this line, we'd be the ones holding laptops in one hand and typing with the other. We keep bumping into the person in front when the line comes to a halt, what with our eyes glued to our screens. Also, person behind us. STOP READING OVER OUR SHOULDERS. ALSO, YOU SMELL BAD."

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