How to keep the Blue Wii Light on!

All the New Wii owners find the glowing blue light that shrouds their Wii drive tray to be spectacular, yet it doesn't stay on very long, I found this guide and when you realise how easy it was to keep it on. You may just kick yourself!

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Odiah4338d ago

that it would stay on while it was on. Oh well.

PS360WII4338d ago

heh so that's what I did. I set up some addresses on the Wii and did notice that blue light was on and was trying to find out what I did.. Ha thanks for the find WiiFan ^^

ChickeyCantor4338d ago

the light is showing if you have new content and such, by doing wont notice, and why unplug your Wii...............

MicroGamer4338d ago

light bulbs burn out eventually. The longer you keep them burning continuously, the sooner they fail. It would suck to find out that Nintendo used proprietary bulbs and that you have to send your Wii in for service if they burn out.