Mwgamers preview of Too Human

"Too Human, a game I've known little about, but for some reason I've wanted for a very long time is on the eve of its release. With the threat of E3 over powering this preview I decided to just put my head down and power through it. Just to see if I could pull you away from G4TV's live press coverage or from's non stop blogging. This morning I had to games waiting for me when I woke up Too Human and Metal slug 7. So I hope you're ready for the preview of what I thought would be the better game….The preview for TOO HUMAN at"

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Rock Bottom3967d ago

Reviewer said "Well not being a RPG guy I have to say that Too Human is definitely one title that I would not playing all the way through."

WTF does that mean?
English mo..f... do you speak it?

TheXgamerLive3967d ago

Based on his loving it, and his recamendation to pick it up day one, I'd say he means that this is one RPG that he will be playing all the way through, and I have to agree, It looks and plays fantastic, try the demo on Xbox Live. Hella fun:))