What Games will use Wii MotionPlus?

Literally just a couple of minutes ago TGC posted the news on the Wii MotionPlus. But now TGC question's, what games will Nintendo announce to go with it?

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cliffbo5434d ago

but if the Wii-mote has now added the same accelerometers (which is what the Sixaxis uses) how did Sony steal Nintendos tech?! interesting that, isn't it.

ChickeyCantor5434d ago

People who claim that are just ludacris, Only thing Nintendo did was introduce it to be a Standart( talking Motion gaming ).

mindedone5434d ago

I think they disagree with you stating that anyone who makes such claims will be named Florida rappers/actors starring in roles such as Crash, and cutting albums such as Chicken and Beer.

JoelR5434d ago

Finally the Wiimote will be as capable as the Sixaxis is...

(and I am not flaming - this is fact)
currently the Sixaxis can detect motion on all six axis and to a resolution of .25mm vs. the lesser directional detection of the wiimote with a motion resolution of around 2cm

decapitator5434d ago thats what a wii motion plus is, I did not understand it before.

ChickeyCantor5434d ago

as capable?
Sixaxes doesnt have IR support so Wii still more capable than the SA

JoelR5434d ago (Edited 5434d ago )

lol... IR makes it more capable as a motion sensor? I guess as a gun for games like Time Crisis it is more capable but for motion sensing IR is significantly less capable as it requires a viewport to a reference point whereas internal motion sensing is itself it's own reference point.

ChickeyCantor5434d ago (Edited 5434d ago )

Does not matter, in the end Wii-mote does more than the sixaxes.

edit: and dont say : Sixases has more buttons, because more button does not mean its doing more.

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Silogon5434d ago

Man that extra ugly ass block is going to probably bust clean thru a wall now when thrown. That should make a good news story. Maybe Nintendo toys are no longer toys but deadly blunt objects able to be used as weapons for destruction on small children or household pets.

I think someone needs to step in here and take a deep look into Nintendo's practice.

Product5434d ago (Edited 5434d ago )

JoelR..........get your head out of sonys butt.

I think its funny how you keep bringing up the sixaxis like it can even compete with the wii remotes all around motion controls.You only gloat about what the sixaxis can do.

Yea maybe sixaxis can tilt more accurately,but what else can it do?Have fun trying to play a boxing game with it.

JoelR5434d ago (Edited 5434d ago )

Obviously you need to try High Velocity Bowling, etc.
I know what I am talking about - I work with the hardware day in and day out- do you?

acceleration can be calculated from axial change (angular acceleration(Verlet_integratio n)) and even if it could not the 2x Kionix ICs that the Sixaxis use have the ability to measure acceleration. If you have pitch, yaw, roll (aka: sixaxis)(the wiimote does not sense yaw) you can calculate angular change over time. (only time you can't measure change is is directly level movement with no angular change) which the wiimote does not do either

and finally: which covers the data format including the accel data that the Sixaxis transmits to the PS3

linkmaster955433d ago

FYI: the wiimote measues everything. Besides, nintendo could sue over the patent. I'm agreeing with Product.

JoelR5433d ago

Wiimote does not measure Yaw properly
it uses a single ADXL330 to measure 3 axis motion
and trig functions in relation to m (fixed) and mi (distance to controller from sensor bar) as well as sensor orientation to determine pitch roll and forward and backward movement.
It has to use rough estimate yaw
The odds are that the wiimotion plus adds a second ADXL330 to that it can properly measure yaw and thus increase accuracy.

Smacktard5434d ago

I don't know why you guys are even bothering. This place homes every Sony fanboy on the internet. I'm proud of you putting up the good fight, though.

JoelR5434d ago (Edited 5434d ago )

to bad the argument they put up is fallacious in this case.

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