E3 08: Sega Reveals E3 08 Game Line Up

As the E3 Starts this week, Sega of America has finally released the complete game line up that they will be showcasing this week. As we go hands-on with Sega's latest games this week, we'll give you all of the information you need from Valkryria Chronicles for the Playstation 3, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood for the DS, and a lot more!

Complete list after the jump!

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Cynical-Gamerzus3963d ago

LMAO what a pathetic lineup!! SEGA!!
Dreamcast is dead stop making games that feel and look like DC!

Do your selves a favor and cancel half of those game take all the money and give a us a Shenmue 3!!
A PS3 !!Exlcusive
You guys touched the Cell/RSX so you should know how to work it sorta?

Give Ryu some guns and some stealth some action and good fight moves and this game will sell a million in 1 day!!!!

deeznuts3963d ago

I want to see Valkyrie. Need some RPG lovin on my PS3

Lavitz19893963d ago

Can't wait for Valkryie as well! :D

DarkSniper3963d ago

No Shenmue III? Sega's list has no interest to Dark Sniper anymore.


american_ninja3963d ago

Show us a nice big trailer for Alpha Protocol, Sega.
And Mad World, we gotta have that too.