Ori And The Blind Forest Review (TSA)

First paragraph: "Have you ever started playing a game for the first time, and within just a few moments you immediately realised you were playing something truly special? I’m pretty sure the last game that had that effect on me was Journey, but going forward when I think back to the most recent experience that gave me such a feeling, my thoughts will rest solely with Ori and the Blind Forest."

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Foehammer1675d ago

Another perfect score, I've lost count on how many I've seen.

Really like the reference to the vistas looking like something straight out of an oil painting. Clearly the artists at Moon Studios are very talented.

That also goes for the music and game design, as per the article.

Well done

StrayaKNT1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Lol at how you got disagreed with what sad people there are out there. Plus there's only one 10/10 on metacritic so imagine all of them were on there i bet it would be sitting on atleast 95