What’s the Point of an RPG Without a Main Villain? An Ultima IV Retrospective

Peter Tieryas of Tor.com writes: "Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar is an open world RPG in which the main goal is to be a good person. There’s no archvillain to defeat, no world that needs saving, not even a prince or princess to rescue. This was unlike any of the RPGs of the time, a narrative device that even now seems revolutionary."

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Ultima IV was awesome!

RPGs have always been full of cliche's and cookie-cutter objectives (find special object, kill big enemy, etc) Ultima IV kinda showed us it didn't have to be this way, and the game could still be fun.


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Richard Garriott: Ultima IV is "My Most Important Work"

RPG pioneer Richard Garriott hopes to recreate the magic of games like Ultima IV with his new MMO Shroud of the Avatar.

Videogames have a lot of legendary figures, but one of the biggest is easily Richard Garriott. The man behind the Ultima franchise, the groundbreaking MMO Ultima Online and, most recently the still-in-development Shroud of the Avatar, he is, in many respects the father of the electronic RPG. That being the case, of all his many works there is one that often stands out in the memories of RPG fans: Ultima IV. Even to Garriott himself, it's not hard to see why.

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