[email protected] Spotlight: Game 4 Is an Insanely Awesome Strategy RPG

Game 4 (working title, obviously!) for Xbox One throws you into an insane world... and going by The Behemoth's usual standards, that’s really saying something. As the game opens, its maniacal narrator talks about the days before the massive bear crashed into the planet and brought chaos to the world. If that isn't a crazy way to kick things off, we don't know what is.

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Gazondaily2879d ago

Haha wicked trailer.

"The only real control you have in battle is moving the characters; they attack and defend on their own, based on their skills and what enemies they’re near. It’s a simplified strategy RPG, but there’s still a ton of strategy in here."

Hmm dont know about this bit. Will have to play to see how it actually works.

maybelovehate2879d ago

It sounds kind of like the most awesome chess game of all time haha.

WCxAlchemist2879d ago

Behemoth are devs of game 4. Confirmed it will be epic

gangsta_red2879d ago

Every trailer should be as awesome as this one. It had a Monty Python type of narrative to it. Hilarious.

In Behemoth I trust. Haven't been let down at all by any of their games.

Here's an idea...MS how about letting these guys do Battletoads!

That would be a little bit too epic though...