Ripten Real-Time: Microsoft E3 Press Conference

Ripten's Andrew Podolsky writes:

"It's the first day of E3, and we're about to head over to the Microsoft Press Conference. We'll begin liveblogging from 10:30 am on, so check back shortly for our immediate, firsthand response to Microsoft's big Xbox 360 announcements."

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Wildarmsjecht3965d ago

Forget Console preference and all the wars. E3 is the moment of time where gamers everywhere just band together and get excited over every piece of information there is. I'm amped just waiting for the event to officially kick off.

Ps3Fanboy7773965d ago

Hopefully there is a lot announced. Lots of Free stuff to download. Hopefully some new games. Of course God of War trailer!!!!!

There is supposed to be a lot announced judging by rumor; i think fans may have hyped this e3 a little to much but all companies should be brining pretty much everything they have to impress gamers.

Wildarmsjecht3965d ago

Dont know why people disagreed with you, you made a valid enough point, but I am in fact very happy about it. Gaming is something I've been doing since I was 5 and my profession. I like seeing what all companies are offering to consumers and judging by that, see what I'll be playing this year and next. It's also good to see people clamor and talk about the things they've seen for months on end till the next event occurs.

Christmas for gamers in my eyes.

Shadow Flare3965d ago



SKUD3965d ago

Liveblogging sucks. Live streaming of the event is better!.

Marcello3965d ago

I am gonna be watching it all live in HD thru IGN Insider :P

mesh13965d ago

the fanbois are prolly scared atm

yaboi3965d ago

i don't have a 360 i still have to watch just to see what they are up too!!

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The story is too old to be commented.