Gabe Newell: "I get it' People Worrying About Not Having an End to a Series

"We understand it, and we think at the end of the day, customers are going to be really happy with where we have spent our time."

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equal_youth2379d ago

my brain is melting... again. HL3 confirmed?

UltraNova2379d ago

No he hasn't confirmed it but I'm calling it right now Half life 3 with a Portal/gravity hybrid gun!

turdburgler10802379d ago

We may actually get it this time because they have a new source engine. Every time a half life game came out was when a new engine appeared.

aCasualGamer2379d ago

I'm pretty certain they do have Half Life 3 ready, but it's going to be a steam box exclusive.

Mr_cheese2379d ago

I can't help but feel that maybe they have remade all the half-lives for next gen and will release those and then a year later, hl3. Would be perfect marketing and I know I would enjoy going through them all again.

kraenk122379d ago

Just play the cinematic mod!

kraenk122379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

It's pretty much obvious. They are working on it for many years and had to wait for the next gen to arrive. Now the next thing is the Steam OS and I guess we will see something earliest on E3 and latest next year.

I hope we will get a VR version later.

WitWolfy2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

In other words... "we would've made HL3 YEARS ago if we didnt make bucket loads of money in Steam every moment that goes by."

Gazondaily2379d ago

I think they are genuinely scratching their heads as to where to take Half Life 3.

I mean, the expectations for HL3 are near astronomical. The pressure on them must be debilitating.

valve and Newell have the impossible task of exceeding the expectations...for HALF LIFE 3! I mean, this is one of the best FPS' of all time.

I don't envy them. They are obviously talented but God knows how they are going to move the series forward in a way that pleases most fans.

pivotplease2379d ago

It's like detox. If it ever happens it will probably be a let down. That's the thing about taking your time. The hype seems to continue to build in all the die-hard fans despite the product actually just being stuck in limbo and not progressing at all.

Gazondaily2379d ago

Ha! It would be a crazy collaboration if Dr Dre and Newell teamed up.

"The hype seems to continue to build in all the die-hard fans despite the product actually just being stuck in limbo and not progressing at all."

Yeah this is exactly what happened to Duke Nukem Forever. What a letdown that was.

UltraNova2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )


This is exactly why they should come out and tell us the truth, that they wont do the game because they feel unable to meet or exceed expectations. We gamers may be stubborn and self-entitled but we know and appreciate the truth when we see it.

Sony should follow suit if this is the case for the last Guardian, even if there were no prior games to that IP.

Finally we all saw how the Duke Nukem franchise ended up and frankly we don't need another beloved franchise tarnished.

EDIT: By the time I posted you mentioned Duke as well hahaha

Monduu2379d ago


Wrong, It's directly tied Of Ico and Shadow Of The Colossus universe...

Thefreeman0122379d ago

The only people who are saying the pressure is too much are people like you..

UltraNova2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )


I'd be happy to discuss this with you if you provide a link where the devs say it is.

Where did you come up with that idea? from the one trailer we got so many years ago? or because its your opinion that team ico is only capable of these types of games?

After all the issues they had- the development limbo, indefinite hiatus (cancellation ?), restructuring, generation leap, the head of production leaving the studio etc etc how can you be sure of anything at this point?

Look I want the LG to get released as much as the next guy but I wont stick my head in the sand and pretend this title does not have major problems and that its original vision wasnt dramatically altered to this point.

BlackWolf122379d ago

If they had released half life 2 episode 3 when they had originally planned to, then none of this half life 3 hype would have happened. And they would be free to take the series in whatever direction they wanted.

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frelyler2379d ago

Valve, no one cares about your headset, no one cares about your controller or your convoluted business plans regarding steam machines. You are where you are BC of half life. That is what people want, that's what I want and each time I heard valve has "news" I laugh and know it'll be another step away from what got them there in the first place. Look, I realize I sound entitled and with any othe company i would say take your time, but not with Valve. They Actually do owe their fans that game because they said we would get it. Its like a beer company made a batch of the most amazing beer ever and it made the company millions. Then they decide to stop making beer completely and start making underwear. Sure I can wear it while I drink beer, but the big boys have had it down for a while and I don't want t your underwear.

Timesplitter142379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

I wouldn't say that. I want HL3 as much as anyone else, but there's a certain kind of philanthropy in what Valve has been doing for PC gaming for the last decade. Something greater than just a game. They're pushing the entire industry forward, and in the right direction too.

Besides, I don't think they "owe" us anything. We are in no way entitled to their work.

frelyler2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

You have no idea what philanthropy is. That is when you do things for the greater good of man kind by giving your time and money to make the lives of everyone better. Valve is a very large and very wealthy company that stumbled onto a digital delivery platform. I can't even say anything else in response to your comment BC wow, just wow. I will say that if a company promises something, then trolls it's fans for 8 years without delivering, yeah they owe at least an answer. How is that? No game just definitive answers. We are owed that much

Timesplitter142379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

"a certain kind of philanthropy" in the sense that their platform has changed things quite a lot, and opened up opportunities for people who wouldn't have been able to publish games to a wide audience otherwise.

Try comparing Steam to similar platforms like Uplay or Origin. The difference is flagrant. On one side you have the savior and democratizer of gaming, and on the other, you have the quintessence of crap. Of course Steam exists for profit, but Valve cares about turning in into a win-win situation for everyone. Valve cares about openness, and making things easy for consumers.

I've always thought that the concept of "owing your fans" is ridiculous. It's like you are a fan not because you like what they're doing, but because you want to control their work and resources instead. I hate it when I hear people complaining about famous artists for example, saying "why don't they do what I wannnt?". I DUNNO, WHY WOULD THEY? You don't own them. Think about it this way: if you are angry at them, you're not even actually a fan anymore, so they don't owe you!

awi59512379d ago


They didnt stumble they created it. I hated steam when it first came out everyone wanted them to kill this business model they just took the heat and fixed what people didnt like and it worked. This was not a stumble they forced us kicking and screaming into this business model and the cheaper prices paid off for consumers and the business alike. Now they have done some stuff in the last few years that pissed me off. Like when europe ruled digital games can be resold and valve made a TOS update that if you didnt except you lost your steam account now that was shady as crap.

frelyler2379d ago

I'm not angry in the least. I'm just tired of hearing news I couldn't care less about I guess. As a fan I am disappointed is all and they could handle it better and stop trolling, that's all I want. How about this, I love the Pats, have since Bledsoe. Anyways, Revis was a factor in why we won the Superbowl. He has moved on and I don't blame him, but I don't want to hear any news about him because I simply don't care. He no longer has any ties to the team I like most.

traumadisaster2379d ago

I agree, they are revolutionary in the pc gaming business. Steam is a result of what drives Gabe, which is to putt the gamer and the industry in a better place.

Few have the will to do that, and less accomplish it. I have so much respect for his mission and vision.

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WellyUK2379d ago

Won't live up to expectations anyway... No matter how badly people want it.

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