New EndWar E3 Trailer

"While I have alaways maintained the belief that you should stay as far away from console RTS games as possible, EndWar is one game that might break that pattern. Whether it's the fact I trust Ubisoft and their Tom Clancy brand, or just that voice-command appeals to me (despite the drawback that it will either be frickin' awesome or the worst mechanic ever), I'm pretty pumped for EndWar."

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n00bFRAGGER3961d ago

Console RTSs are scary. I doubt the voice-command will play good.

giantchicken3961d ago

Meh, this game will suck for the PS3.

dxmnecro3961d ago

Voice command for a game? That will probably work out just as well as speech to text programs...barely.

hokiebonoz3961d ago

i havent heard that many good things

bada1bing3961d ago

works to perfection.even when i was slightly drunk..i was properly impressed!

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