iPhone 3 sales reach 1 million; 10 million downloads from Apple's App Store

Engadget writes: "You hear of this new iPhone 3G thing? Doing pretty well, or so we hear. Apple says they sold one million of 'em this weekend worldwide, compared to the 74 days it took them to hit one million with the last generation. So far the little bugger has invaded 21 countries, with France next on its hit list on July 17. Oh, and that App Store isn't doing too bad for itself either, with 10 million downloads so far to iPhone 3Gs, updated iPhones and iPod touches."

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resistance1003968d ago

That explains why i couldn't get one on day 1. Still as for the App's i've already downloaded 8 free ones ready, so that explains why there has been so many as i suspect theres more like me

DarkSniper3968d ago

The Iphone has already sold more units than Xbox 360 has in Japan. Very sad indeed.


Ps3Fanboy7773968d ago

I imagine the next wave of cell phones should really be great, im okay with my BJ2 until then.

Darkiewonder3968d ago

My brother came over yesterday sporting his 16gb 3G iphone. it looks nice. I just want an iTouch though since i have a nicely new working phone ;) [and i want to get rid of my ipod photo]

PS360WII3968d ago

I didn't get the new one but I finally upgraded my last gen iPhone and went buck wild with the App Store. I got some 30 new apps and holy cats they have some fun programs and fun games. It's a healthy mix of DS/PSP/Wii but there is one problem Apple... I don't care if you need to make the phone thicker or something but give us a battery that'll take a workout. Seriously I had to recharge my phone twice in one day this weekend :(

Premonition3968d ago

People are actually saying the battery drain is due to update 2.0 people with the older iphones are now saying their batteries are going down faster than before i guess to the new push feature, so hopefully apple will look into this, so far ive turned them off since i dont really need that feature and i dont use 3G all day.

Bubble Buddy3968d ago

and a billion downloads from Limewire/Torrents for music.

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