Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae Demo Review

The Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae demo is in and EnixOrigin has the official review on the stunning RPG game by Square Enix. The game is filled with surprises, dialogue, creepy caves, and a issue or two that really bothered me.

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masterfox2879d ago

lol reviewing demos now ? XD

Summons752878d ago

I agree, it shouldn't be a review but a impressions because the game isn't nearly complete and can't be judged as a complete game.

Lennoxb632878d ago

I rather people review demos of unreleased games than remasters. Why would a remastered game get a different score than it originally released with. Its the same game with visual improvements.

hot4play2878d ago

Why not? It's a proof-of-concept of a game announced 9(!) years ago.
It also give us fans the opportunity to give feedback to the devs so they can improve on the final build. :)

Ot- barring some technical flaws, FFXV is shaping up to be a fresh exciting take on the FF formula. Has anyone here played Episode Duscae? Everything feels seamless. The menus are simple yet elegant. Camping is fun. Battles are exciting. LOVE the music! I really hope Tactical View is just 50% complete in the demo. From there you can see the devs can add-in manual enemy targeting, in-battle customization, and (really hoping for this) manually issuing commands to your party members!

Havent taken on the behemoth yet - taking my sweet time soaking in the Duscae region and battling the monsters. Classic victory fanfare music is here too! :D

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DarkOcelet2878d ago

"Prompto…. well he’s just there. " LOL! I think he is cool.

Summons752878d ago

He is a cool character but during a fight he is pretty worthless. He dies so much that I just give up on rescuing him after a while, and Ignis is such a jerk. He always gets in my way and breaks my combos and when I need to be rescued he just stands there and stares at me.

Elda2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

I noticed that also..the a.i. needs to be a little more agressive in their actions may it be healing or fighting.Hopefully this is fixed in the final form.

NoctisPendragon2878d ago

They said he did not learn how to fight unlike the others , he may grow up during the story i think.

Adrian_v012878d ago

Prompto seems to be the guy for comedy rather than battles xD

Elda2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

I'm taking my sweet time with it,just leveling up before I take on all the story & the behemoth.Overall I'm having fun with it,when the game is finally finished,polished & ready for release I think I'm going to enjoy the final product.

Eiyuuou2878d ago

C'mon! I want to try it too! Damn you Americans!

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