Dev: [email protected] Has Been Great, There Are Problems On Sony and MS' Side

Hyper Light Drifter's Alex Preston praises [email protected], while acknowledging that there are issues on Sony's side as well.

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Festano2877d ago

Great to hear about [email protected] praise! Microsoft has improved a lot.

3-4-52877d ago

Water always finds it's level.

I think people are finally starting to see the full picture of all 3 consoles, both good and bad.

It's more good all around than anything.

Mostafeto2877d ago

It's all for the better sake of gaming and delivering a joyful and entertaining gaming experience to each respective console owner.

Palitera2877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

Even for people that only have one platform, it is good if the other platform is doing indies well:

It means the devs won't have to spend more time and resources than needed to develop for it and, hopefully, it might mean more time and resources to port it over to the other platforms.


To Alexious, below, "bias" is something everybody always had and always will have, not only fanboys.

Mr Pumblechook2877d ago

Is the headline bias?
The developer is talking about how things have changed for the better for indies when dealing with both Sony and Microsoft. But if there is a complaint it is about Microsoft's parity clause. The fact that this amateur writer on World Factory twisted it to be an attack on Sony is an indictment of his own professionalism.

ccgr2877d ago

hmm curious how this will pan out

Imp0ssibl32877d ago

Nice to see a more balanced view on this topic. It's always "Sony is perfect, Microsoft's the bad guy", but things are rarely that black and white.

Alexious2877d ago

I think only fanboys could see it that way, honestly...

Necrochasm2877d ago

judging by the agree/disagree amounts, id say theres a lot of them here

shodai2877d ago

How everyone is looking at the big 3 consoles right now:

SONY: The Good
Microsoft: The Bad
Nintendo: The Ugly

Now, we all know how it turned out in the movie. And kind of a similar thing happened at E3 2013.

Microsoft shot first, Sony killed Microsoft and Nintendo just stood there.

badz1492876d ago

and Nintendo just stood there...DEAD!

Christopher2876d ago


Sony: The Meh but Improving
Microsoft: The Meh but Improving
Nintendo: The Not For Me Right Now

Neo_Zeed2877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

It's nothing but a BS article for PR. He doesn't mention the problems just makes a generic blanket statement.

Aurenar2877d ago

The gap is always smaller. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have similar gaming offer. Dev say good things about Microsoft's console.

kaiserfranz2877d ago

Yes, the wind is definitely changing.

Re-versed2877d ago

...and the gap grows bigger...

Professor_K2876d ago

...and it grows smaller again

S2Killinit2876d ago

Actually if you look at which i have been monitoring since the beginning, with pictures to compare every month or so, PS4 is pulling ahead with exclusives. In other words, the exclusive gap is increasing not decreasing.

Christopher2876d ago

I don't understand your comment.

What gap is smaller?

All consoles have similar gaming offerings.

He says good and bad things about both consoles.

What was your point? Please enlighten me.

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Silly gameAr2877d ago

That's what it looks like.

GameDev12877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

Sony did what exactly?

Headline is clickbait, he just said these problems exist on Sony side, that is incredibly vague and says nothing at all and also considering his game is on two Sony platforms.

I think he was just trying to be level headed about the situation rather than all the MS are bad for their indie policies that we keep hearing


That is exactly what it said, but it absolutely meant nothing in the context used to make it part of a headline. Usually putting words like that in a headline would have a lot of back up information to follow in the article, isnt that the purpose of headlines?

Therefore using such a vague statement which is trying to paint it like he had problems with Sony but ID Xbox are great is trying to create a division of arguments to get clicks, isnt this clearly obvious?


Well that is my point, if he doesnt go into any information on the problems on the Sony side, it shouldnt be a headline but it should definitely be part of the article, do you understand now?

The problem is not whether he is being truthful, am sure some devs will have some problems on the Sony side, the problem is his statement is too vague to make a headline, infact he might not even be saying he has had problems with Sony, rather he knows it exists

Alexious2877d ago

Sorry dude, but that's exactly what he said. I don't see how reporting one's exact statement can possibly qualify as "clickbait".

And yes, he was being level headed about the situation which is the point of saying that problems are on both sides.

Alexious2877d ago

Not at all dude, you're making no sense.

It says "there are problems on Sony's side too", meaning there are ALSO on Microsoft's side. Which is, again, exactly what was said.

He doesn't have to go into details as to what kind of issues they had on one side or the other to make it true.

GameDev12877d ago


"He doesn't have to go into details as to what kind of issues they had on one side or the other to make it true"

Yes he does, I am not saying he is not being truthful, am sure Sony side has problems, it is the headline pulling in clicks with that line

Again I went into the article to see what problems he had with Sony but there was literally nothing on Sony problems apart from that very vague short sentence, hence the headline got me to click for nothing, hence click bait

Gilgamesh152877d ago

You would be that fanboy that was referred to above. Can you really be more granular and petty about this? I really can't believe it warranted that much work, hope it was worth it.

Mostafeto2877d ago

"There’s a lot of back-and-forth in those situations and I think on Sony’s side they’ve had more autonomy so it’s easier for them to lift certain restrictions and be flexible."

"The program has its issues like any program would that’s part of a large corporation. These problems exist on Sony’s side too, which is very indie friendly these days." Note: Alex Preston didn't mention what was the problems and he has the full right to do so.

Sony was mentioned by Alex sometimes in his interview briefly and he didn't go into a detailed comparison between the two indie systems Sony and Microsoft have and that wasn't the point of the interview anyway. The interview was focusing more on Microsoft's [email protected] but with references to Sony's program so I am sure if you read this article correctly and understand it sir then you will know the title is 100% not a clickbait

Kiwi662877d ago

So you'd rather he got down on his knees and praised sony and bad mouthed ms , would that make you feel better rather than him saying that he had no problems with ms as we can't have a dev say something good about ms now can we

GameDev12877d ago


The irony of your post, did you even bother to read my post? I am not defending Sony or saying MS is bad, I am trying to point out a problem with clickbait headlines, this is the first one that has gotten me in a while among the many on this site. Now who is the fanboy eh?

@Mr Krispy

What? Its like your fanboy instinct kicked in immediately once you saw my post saying something about Sony, Read my post well and carefully, it is not about defending what the developer said about Sony, but how the writer of the article deceived me

Christopher2876d ago

@Alexious: It's clickbait because the author chose to only highlight a portion of the quote that made it look like Sony had just problems and that was all. Has nothing to do with what was said, but with what the author chose to sell us in the title.

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