Brand new exclusive Killzone 2 gameplay

Here's some as yet unseen gameplay footage of Killzone 2, one of the most exciting upcoming games on the PlayStation 3. Make sure you turn it up loud!

As you'll see from the video this game is shaping up to be an excellent title. We'll have more information on Killzone 2 coming very soon, and obviously more news from E3 as well…

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sonarus5852d ago

Yes it does but i am hoping GG isn't doing what i think they are doing. Graphically, the game improved significantly since the fist unveiling but blood effects have been toned down. Animations are better but they took out the destructible environments. They replaced the gas tanks that had physics with exploding barrels which is no where near as cool.

I hope they can bring back the destructible environments as it adds an edge to taking cover behind objects. The voice acting and some of the lines i have heard are also really bad. I hope they re do them. I just hope they can get the A.I. and the story right. Usually, when those two are right, everything else tends to follow

TheExecutive5852d ago

took out the destructible environments? watch the video again, when he is mowing down the helghast on the catwalk, entire pillars were falling. it was jaw dropping.

Kaneda5852d ago

Tank cannon is shooting in slow motion or something? :) looks great though...

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dhammalama5852d ago

This game looks awesome. Can't wait to play it!

juuken5852d ago

Sweet God...this game is shaping up so nicely. O_O

n4gzz5852d ago

this game is showcase. All Fps lover must get this game. Buy PS3 if you don't have one.

kazuma5852d ago

only graphically, gameplay doesn't seem that hot

juuken5852d ago

kazuma, did you forget they have more time to work on that? I'm also hoping Sony doesn't screw this up because if they do, I'm staying faaaaaaaaaaar away from n4g or any other site. I don't think Sony will allow this project to screw up when there's so much anticipation.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi5852d ago

...Makes a change!!! ;-D
Gameplay looks fun;) Being in that War Zone looks AMAZING!!! ;-P

n00bzRtehgey5852d ago


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Blackmoses5852d ago

this game is looking better and better the more time they spend on it.

I'm feeling all warm and tingly inside thinking of playing this one...