Neopets creators enter the MMO world with Twin Skies

After a bit of a tease a couple of weeks ago, Meteor Games, founded by the creators of the kids Flash game portal Neopets, has announced details of their first-ever MMO. Twin Skies will be a blend of a traditional, 3D MMO with innovative out-of-game elements. For instance, certain web-based mini-games can earn you a monster in-game, who will roam about, fight, and even send you pictures of the hapless newbies it kills. That ... is so deliciously evil. Other mini-games could change the weather in-game, open a chest full of loot, or other game-changing things. Continuing with the theme from Neopets, every Twin Skies player will have their own pet to aid them in their travels. While killing beasties will be one way of progressing through the game, the social aspects and of course, the mini-games, will keep people busy no matter how they like to play.

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Tomdc3967d ago

kool! i loved neopets when i was little =P

Prismo_Fillusion3967d ago

Neopets is just advertisements and scams in disguise as a cute kid-friendly online game.

(Sadly, I know from experience. We were all young once!)