Nintendo Reveals New "NX" Console in Development; Details Partnership with DeNA Mobile Giant

Nintendo announced today a business and capital alliance with the mobile giant DeNA, and the two partners are holding a press conference in Tokyo with the CEOs Satoru Iwata and Isao Moriyasu, giving more info on the deal. Iwata also announced a new mobile platform named "NX"

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Big_Game_Hunters2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

sh*tty mobile games with Nintendo characters used as marketing for console games
I swear I read about this rumor last year.
NX sounds like it would be some kind of VR tech. Can't wait for the "Ninendo dropping wiiu for NX" articles.

Abriael2014d ago

well, it doesn't really seem like a bad idea to me.

jcnba282014d ago

I agree but if I had a choice I'd rather Nintendo not make mobile games at all, however since they are only making original content for mobile and not porting over their big games I think it won't hurt Wii U or 3DS much or at all.

Nintendo already has a bunch of FTP games on their eShop so these will probably be the kinds of games we'll see from them on mobile.

Kevlar0092014d ago

Sounds like Nintendo is creating a 3 tiered approach to their game division. At the bottom is the mobile tier, create small, fun games that can be played on Mobile and then any system with the Nintendo service attached (we may even see Amiibo at this level). These games will introduce people to core franchises and advertise their core systems. The middle then top tier is their handhelds and consoles, have a bunch of revenue and consumers streams that funnel in to support them.

The hardest part is getting people to transition to the higher tiers. That's Nintendo's ultimate goal, get people to buy their main systems and pricier games. Either way they gain more money and presence in the market, if all goes well then this is the best decision they've made all generation.

Big_Game_Hunters2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

Its not a bad idea, especially from a business stand point. Iwata's propsed plan put my fears to ease.

looks like there will be no negative effect on their dedicated gaming systems. If anything it will secure more funds for their console games. also needless to say its good advertising.

I just hope "Cooking with Lynlee and Tatsu" makes it onto the Apple store and android market soon to boost those Xenoblade X sales.

mikeslemonade2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

^Big_Game Hunters

"No negative effect"

That would be PR speak and it certainly isn't helping console development. Nintendo may make more money but that money will be towards mainly more mobile development.

As I have said recently, it's you idiots that keep supporting mobile games that made Nintendo look into the mobile market. You idiots can only blame yourselves.

If y'all listened to me this wouldn't have happened. Don't spend a dime on tablet, smartphone, or game streaming platforms. That will increase the barrier to entry to small developers. If you did this only the big guys can make money. Meaning more AAA, AA, PC, Console, and Handheld console development.

UltraNova2013d ago

Oh Nintendo I'm disappointed... Why spent precious resources on mobile games instead of the next Mario 64???

Imagine Mario 64, open world... I'll keep dreaming..

Big_Game_Hunters2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

I don't play mobile games, nor will i buy them when Nintendo makes them.

Do you ever think before you comment? maybe if you took the time to put some thought into that disgusting dribble you call an argument they wouldn't sound like vomit.

There are millions playing mobile games. More than people playing PS4, Xboxone, and wiiu combined. You think introducing that large of an audience to Nintendo games is a bad thing? Plus all the money they make will go to the entire company. SONY and MS make mobile games i bet you wouldn't give them slack for it.... you would MS i guess.

I don't expect you to think logically though. Don't respond, don't PM. Don't bother wasting your bubbles on me again i have you ignored now. Congratz though, you are the first person i have ever ignored on here, because most people just simply aren't as s****d.

@ others
Resources taken from games like mario v donkey kong and pokemon shuffle maybe. If they mae a Mario 64 sequel it will be the next mainline Mario game. idk why you hink mobile development would steal a significant amount of resources from it.

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OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

It a new service to replace Club Nintendo unifying 3DS, Wii U, PC, Tablets and Phones as well

Kevlar0092014d ago

Good catch, didn't think about that. I don't see why they wouldn't extend their "Nintendo Network" brand to everything based on internet services. The name is already pretty catchy, and it would make sense since you would be interacting with everything over an integrated network.

wonderfulmonkeyman2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

Bring those articles on.
I'll just laugh as I remember Nintendo promising to support the Wii U for its whole life cycle.

Highlife2014d ago

Well they also said you would never see an officially licenced Mario on mobile. Things change.

wonderfulmonkeyman2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

@ High
Not in this space; Nintendo just said that we won't be seeing any ports of console games on phones.[which is something that they've also stated in the past; smaller experiences.]
And if it's not console games, then that means it's going to be smaller experiences rather than full-out main-line-type titles.
Meaning you're not gonna see Mario Maker or anything similar to it on IPads across the world.XD

LOL_WUT2014d ago

Thats still mario on mobile if things go well we could possibly see the old titles being ported it'll make perfect sense ;)

BudokaiGamer2014d ago

I mean, I couldn't play a Mario game on my phone/tablet. Sonic games are a perfect example why!

They are awful to control and everything. If I wanted to use a controller with them then I'll buy them on the Virtual Console.

I can see Mario being used in an actual mobile version of Puzzle & Dragons Mario Edition though.

Those are the types of games I'm sure they will put on there, nothing that actually requires real control to play. But I would love a new Mario is Missing!

nunley332014d ago

I'M curious about the new online network that sounds like it's coming to it, hoping it's similar to PSN or XBL. I read about this earlier and it won't be mario or zelda on mobile but new original games made for mobile.

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Gamer19822014d ago

NX is probably some mobile or handheld in the mobile market as DeNa are a mobile games maker.. This won't be there new console and the fact we keep hearing about old nintendo games coming to mobile. This is probably how its going to happen.

Big_Game_Hunters2014d ago

They said it had nothing to do with mobile, it was only shown in the graph to show they will continue creating dedicated gaming systems.

pcz2014d ago

this is the first nintendo console im not excited about. im interested, intrigued, but not excited.

already i know its going to be a gimmick-fest since they used the term 'new concept'... why cant they just make a traditional console?

nunley332014d ago

It's the Nintendo ON system coming to replace WiiU and take on Project Morpheus lol.

Syntax-Error2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

Seems profitable for them but bad decision to us. I think they will do well with it considering most of the catalog consists of kids titles. Sorry but I am too old to be playing Mario games. I played Rayman Legends the other day on X1 because it was free and I had to turn it off after 35 minutes. It was a great game, but just not a game for an older man. NX=Nintendo Xtreme ?

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Crummybear2014d ago

Nintendo is finally making some proactive moves to better position themselves in the future. The Wii U is a great system, but probably not as successful as they had hoped. Whatever they have planned next should be great hopefully

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2014d ago

Stay calm folks. It most likely won't launch til 2017-2018.

The successor of Club Nintendo comes this Fall.
Across Wii U, 3DS, PC, Tablets and Phones.

wonderfulmonkeyman2014d ago

Dunno why you're getting so many downvotes.
I guess some people just can't stand the thought of Nintendo NOT repeating the Sega Mistake of releasing a new console way too early, IE, next year.

LOL_WUT2014d ago

Will them announcing this wasn't something you guys were hoping for (longer lifecycle) ;)

Bring on the NX i think the name sounds cool like "next" for next-gen

TripC502013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

NX is just the placeholder/code name
Just like how your mom called you It before finally figuring out your gender.
Then she went with Lol Wut
I kid I kid ;)

I'm hoping it will be a console with a controller similar to a DS that you can use as a gamepad at home and as a handheld while on the go, allowing you to take your console games with you as you please.

G3n3raL862014d ago

Well, things are gonna be interesting for N., that's for sure.

deathtok2014d ago

Smart move for Nintendo! This will maximize their visibility and likely increase market share for their dedicated consoles.