6 of the best Final Fantasy spinoffs

"However popular the core series remains - and despite XIII throwing something of a spanner in the works, it does remain immensely popular, particularly in its homeland - some of the best times that the Final Fantasy series has provided gamers can be found in the spinoffs – games which are still unmistakably Final Fantasy in flavor (for the most part), but follow their own path towards greatness."

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Genova842282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

Vagrant Story and Legend of Mana are NOT Final Fantasy spinoffs. I understand that Seiken Densetsu was named Final Fantasy Adventure in the USA but their "connection" ends there.

Not every square game is related to this series. Surprised the bouncer didn't make the list ... Also calling Kingdom Hearts a Final Fantasy spinoff because it has some of the characters would be like calling Soul Caliber 2 on gamecube a zelda spinoff because Link is in it ...

If you needed more Final Fantasy spinoffs to rank, what about:?

1. Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
2. Chocobo's Dungeon
3. Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy 7
4. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
5. Final Fantasy Dimensions

Oh wait, this was supposed to be a "top games list" not just a list of spinoffs ... nevermind ...

ContinuePlay2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

Vagrant Story is very much connected to Final Fantasy, considering it's set in the same universe as Tactics and Final Fantasy XII.

And Dirge of Cerberus was utter bobbins. It belongs on a list of the worst series spinoffs, not the best ;)

As it happens, we actually did discuss adding Chocobo Mystery Dungeon and Crystal Chronicles to the list, but ultimately decided that those games didn't quite hit the must-play quality bar. But don't worry - we have plenty more FF content in the planning. It's a big year for the series, with 3 major titles being released - so you can expect plenty of coverage in the weeks and months ahead.