Wii Play and Wii Sports outsell Zelda

Famitsu reports that early Wii software sales in Japan put Wii Sports and Wii Play ahead of Zelda.

Everyone expected The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess to clean up in the Wii sales chart for the launch period, and this has been the case in North America. However, Japanese gamers had other ideas.

According to figures released by Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, the top selling Wii launch title was not Zelda, but Wii Sports with sales of 176,800 over the launch weekend. In Japan the game is not bundled with the console as it is in North America and Europe, but this hasn't stopped the game reaching 47% of Japanese Wii owners.

Behind Wii Sports comes Wii Play, a collection of nine mini-games designed to highlight the different uses of the Wii remote, and shifted an impressive 171,888 units. Zelda finally makes an appearance in third place with sales of 145,068 units.

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ChickeyCantor4362d ago

they have to pay for Wii-sports, so if they have to choose between a family game or a single player game they go for option 1.
if we had topay for Wii-sports we wouldn buy it.

Asylumchild4362d ago

that Wii sports comes with the console? At least myn did! So I would hope that it sold more then Zelda. lol O and I would never pay money for Wii Sports sure there fun when you have a bunch of friends over but thats about it the people are retarded and I couldent ever seeing myself playing it bymyself

ChickeyCantor4362d ago (Edited 4362d ago )

in japan they have to pay for it ;)
plus they are more social with the family's then i think you would.

they aint playing this alone they are playing it with the whole family.