Sony teases Mystery Gadget for a Monday Release

Sony published a mysterious teaser on the SonyStyle home page for a new product that will be announced on Monday July 14th, 9pm EST.

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cwir3966d ago

You can see it on the very page the screen grab comes from. On the side of the TZ laptop under "Create"... What a "mystery".... :)

truth for gamers3966d ago

Its a laptop, the purple laptop shown below the big image has a green thingy on the side, that must be it

Sitris3966d ago

Ps3 tv recorder maybe? With inbuilt hardrive and PC compatible. That would be nice!

PSN ID: Sitris

Fishy Fingers3966d ago

Already confirmed. PlayTV, dual channel freeviews (analog & HD) signal reciever which allows you to record TV directly to your HDD, even while playing games I believe.

That also allows PSP support, allowing you (wifi permitting) to stream anything (video/TV) off your PS3's HDD or even watch live TV as it happens.

Google PlayTV, there plenty of videos out there. Looks really good! (EU only as of yet though).

Ps3Fanboy7773966d ago

And what better day than Microsoft press conference.. Coincidence? The power button definitely reminds me of the 360 oddly enough.

Jok3r3966d ago

"The power button definitely reminds me of the 360 oddly enough. "

Hehe, I thought the same thing

hallz9073966d ago

Microsoft didn't invent the symbol for power right?

Cartesian3D3966d ago

.. the power button is same as laptop one..

mobility,performance and style redefine

its a new model for laptops for sure...but why same time as e3? may be its a gaming laptop!?

RealityCheck3966d ago

I agree that it seems to be just a laptop. However the timing is strange. PSP phone? New PSP? Nah, no way they would have been able to pull such a surprise nowadays.

Weed3966d ago

After MS E3 Conference It's safe to say anything is possible

resistance1003966d ago

Its the new VAIO range, man this is old